Triple H Appears With Floyd Mayweather, R-Truth's New Theme Song Revealed, The Miz Wants You To Get Your GED

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- Triple H accompanied Floyd Mayweather to the ring for his fight against Miguel Cotto last night in Las Vegas. Click here for full coverage of the fight.

- R-Truth introduces his new theme song remix in this video with Kofi Kingston over on dot com. (Thanks to WNW reader Gerry for sending this in.)

- The Miz is featured with other celebrities in a new video for, encouraging people to get their GED. You can watch the video embedded below:

  • gpturbo81

    but its not ok for cm punk to accompany someone to the ring….?

    • Whammaster

      It was because of the fighters past, and Punk is straight edge in real life, and as his character. His real life didnt care, but WWE wanted to protect their product, and not have him affiliate with a person with a shady past.

      • Two things:1. I beeivle that Cm Punk’s It’s Clobberin Time is also a reference to NYC Hardcore band Sick of it All. 2. Kane’s whole reason for coming back/wearing a mask is because he doesn’t like John Cena’s new T-shirt, and that in a nutshell is the reason why wrestling can never be cool again.

    • Bntafa

      Yes, it's not Ok for cm punk

  • Jose

    R-Truth is awesome

  • Mohammad Abulawi

    i sent the pic's surprised it's not there

  • proud

    Why should it be ok for Punk?

    Mayweather has made his contribution to WWE which I think makes the tie in awesome, I won't buy into HHH being who accompanied him as it was the decision made and good on him

  • Henraj

    I never get bored when watching R-Truth. This guy should be put back in the main event picture.

  • MVP

    I read in a different update that Triple H had his arm in a sling as they were coming out, but I swear when they showed him in the ring, he was holding up two of Mayweather's title belts, but had no sling on.

  • I’m really glad I didn’t pay money for this (or see it by other means). Minute exentpiocs that I probably wouldn’t have noticed aside, it sounds like exactly the kind of PPV that leaves me feeling ripped off. Miz and R-Truth’s whole buildup, such as it was, ended with them being sacrificed on the altar of the Rock’s greatness. Wow that is so unpredictable, what edgy writing that is. Bah.The Rock is so over that he could literally murder someone in the crowd at ringside and get a huge pop for it. Would it have killed anyone for Miz and R-Truth to have won, even if they won by pinning Cena, or forcing the much-despised DQ? Would anyone love the Rock less? Would anyone hate Cena more?