Triple H Breaks Kayfabe, Steen Says Goodbye, Ambrose In Japan, Seth Rollins Travels w/Briefcase

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- One Wrestling News World reader sent word via Twitter that Triple H broke kayfabe at Saturday night's WWE live event at Madison Square Garden in New York City and told Bray Wyatt to clean the blood off himself. Wyatt was legitimately busted open when Ric Flair, who was wearing his Hall of Fame ring, connected with a stiff right. We have video and more at this link.

- Our friend Jorge Romero Tweeted us the following photos:

  • Mike McCarthy

    That thing must be a pain in the bum to travel with.

  • Ken

    Why would Trips go apeshit over something like this at an untaped event? Rlly, how soft has this business become…

  • Nunchuk

    Why would hhh break kayfabe to tell him to clean the blood off at a live event considering it wasnt televised? I know they’re iffy about blood on tv, but a live event??

    • Dave Barton

      They’ve got the “no blood” rule in effect, they have to enforce it regardless of where the match takes place.

  • Mysterion

    Wait. He didn’t actually penalize Bray did he? For something Flair did? Oh wait…

  • Splat


    • Ken

      That was ’05. You’re pretty up to date arent you?

    • WNW Fan

      You need to remember that these things were back in the attitude era days…some of it in the PG era but the safety of the performers is the top priority now. On purpose is one thing but accidents do happen. I don’t blame them for not taking chances these days. It’s just not worth the risk in my opinion.

    • K!NG

      It’s SAWFT not soft

  • Zack

    Also is no one going to talk about the recklessness/stupidity of Flair punching Wyatt stiff with his huge freakin HOF ring on? I mean I know it’s Flair, but it seems pointlessly dangerous. Wyatt better not have gotten in any trouble for this. Also kind of validates Vince’s not wanting Flair involved in any kind of live capacity.

    • Bob’s Diner

      I’m surprised Flair didn’t start blading and flopping around himself

  • Venom

    I really hope the rumor of Kevin Steen going to be on Tough Enough isn’t true. I’m ok woth anyone going to NXT first, that’s become and accepted thing. But having a guy woth years of experience and tv experience on TE is insulting to him and the viewers. The point of TE is to treat it like beginners. I’m fine with wrestlers under 5 years of experience or even 10 years in their local area. But not when a person who doesn’t even follow ROH knows who Steen is.