Triple H Challenges Brock Lesnar To Match At SummerSlam

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Triple H officially challenged Brock Lesnar to a match at SummerSlam at Sunday night's WWE No Way Out pay-per-view.

SummerSlam 2012 will take place Sunday, August 19, 2012 from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. We'll have exclusive live play-by-play coverage here at

  • AnacondaVise

    I'm so shocked by this… O wait no I'm not. Everyone and there mother saw this coming.

    • Frenchfry

      did we NOT want this to happen?

    • Ronnie

      Just because you’re not shocked doesn’t mean they should pull a swerve for the sake of shocking people. Heel attacks face. Face returns from injury, challenges heel. Classic wrestling booking. Sort your grammar out too.

  • Anand

    As expected – Trip challenges brock for a match at summerslam…

    But – How will WWE book this match?

    1. If Trip loses the match, he loses his authority figure + future hall-of-fame caliber wrestler status. But, winning isnt going to add anything to his already stellar career…

    2. If Brock loses it will be his second big ppv match loss after return. But, if he wins, this whole storyline goes for a toss. If Brock were a full-time figure Trip can make-up a rivalry or a revenge kind of storyline after his loss to brock at summerslam but that aint gonna happen and to complete the rivalry Trip has to win..

    Wow!! this is getting tough 🙂

    who do you think/want will win? your predictions? Trip or Brock?

    • Niall

      Booking this will be tricky. My best option would be a dusty finish. Someone who could benefit from getting involved, who either Trip or Brock can get involved with after.

    • Sean

      Brock will win because he lost at extreme rules

      • Anand

        Trip will look like a fool if he loses the match. He challenges the man who thinks he is above the company to a fight in a good vs bad kind of scenario. If brock were to return full time, then Trip could lose the match and have a rematch for payback after a few weeks of build up.

        Since brock isnt going to be wrestling full time I doubt that. Maybe Trip will win to shut brock and heyman up along with their lawsuits.

  • kevin

    Why is summerslam in L.A. again try going someplace else

  • Sean

    Will lesner be on raw tonight?hope so

  • George

    Sounds good on paper, but I dislike both men to the point that I don't even care who even wins.

  • Monty

    I think we can expect a dirty finish to keep this going, also is cena done with lesner? After one Match that’s it?

  • GetTheFBack

    Triple H should really retire and leave the wrestling to guys who need the push, even if they must lose to make lesnar happy a great match could give an up and comer alot of respect from fans. Triple H is way past it and should stick to the behind the scenes stuff from now on. They should do big show v lesnar, their stretcher match was epic.

  • Sythian

    For those newer/younger fans who don’t know Brock all that well, they will really need to put Brock over as dominant so that he comes across as a legit threat. Right now he’s the bully who lost and ran home crying after Cena beat him as far as young fans are concerned.

  • Tony

    The best way they should go with this storyline is by making the match a last man standing match and have it end in a draw that way neither Brock or triple h would look weaker then the other. That's just my opinion and I think it would be great for tv

  • JasonGaza

    Brock have to face 5 big dudes in wwe which is
    and at wm will be Taker

  • JasonGaza

    and if it isnt orton it is rey or sheamus

  • Brock is back in UFC he won’t accept

    • H.M.