Triple H Comments On His Character, Kayfabes On Cody Rhodes "Firing"

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Triple H wrote the following on Twitter in regards to criticism about his on-air character playing the role of a bully:

Triple H, who is now a heel that "fired" Cody Rhodes, kayfabed about the "decision" as well:

  • H.M.

    Heel Triple H = Legend. None are as condescending as him lol.

  • Lol

    Triple h= triple hoax he is such an idiot

    • Matt

      Can that comment have some substance? Cuz right now, it makes zero sense.

  • Prabhu Prasad

    MR H in the end you will be like darth vader or will be in the shoes of cody
    you see some things wont go that easily in our lives, in the depths of MMM hart he still
    think that he should not be done to breat heart. it is a scar, always be there with you
    to remind that you did mistake guilt that wont go that easy it will follow even to after life that is hell
    what ever good you done here you take with you to other life same as bad also

    • Charles