Triple H Confirmed To Appear At No Way Out To Address His Future & Brock Lesnar

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WWE Mobile Alerts just sent out the following:

BREAKING NEWS: WWE COO Triple H is confirmed to appear at No Way Out on Sunday, June 17, to address his future, pending lawsuits against WWE and Brock Lesnar.

WWE No Way Out will take place Sunday, June 17, 2012 from the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey. We’ll have exclusive live play-by-play coverage here at

  • AJG316

    Yeah I got it a couple of moments ago, immedialty tweeted how excited I am for no way out and that segment. And right after that I saw wrestling news world tweet about this and though, damn that was fast

  • PainOfDemise

    Something big better happen then, otherwise I'll be upset if they just waste my time with talking, instead of extending or adding an acutal wrestling match and throwing this segment on RAW.

  • H.M.

    Sounds legit.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Who cares.. not interested in HHH vs Brock Lesner

    • The Dude

      Since when did one person dictate every fan’s mindset?

    • robert

      shit who's not? i interested in anyone against hhh except for taker again hhh vs daniel bryan

  • Awesome 🙂

  • The Breaker

    Cool, but that's not enough to make me order the PPV.

  • ceedot

    Against WWE? Typo? lol. I think it’s meant to say against Paul Heyman.

    • Razmos01

      No it ment discuss the lawsuits againt WWE and then also discuss Brock Lesner, no typo, more misunderstood

  • Marc

    WWE haven’t convinced me to buy the PPV yet. I want some more cage or extreme rules matches on the card if I’m going to buy it. They have to follow what they do with gimmick PPVs. Awesome that HHH is appearing though.

  • Stan smith

    You have to read between the lines Triple H is gonna appear he is not gonna wrestle all he is gonna do is challenge Brock to drop the lawsuit Brock won’t b there so you will have to wait for Raw to hear his response no point ordering the PPV

    • H.M.

      Wow, didn't know you could read into the future. Tell me more.

    • Marc

      Stab, ur right. The things that will build the feud will be mentioned in Raw. HHH will only be starting it off at NWO.

      • robert

        alright the nwo is coming back

  • Levi Aldebol

    Pending lawsuits against WWE may not have anything to do with Brock Lesnar or Paul Heymann. My understanding is TNA is suing WWE over Ric Flair.