Triple H Cuts His Hair

Triple H has cut his hair and TMZ has the photos to prove it.

Click here to view Hunter's new look.

  • Andrew Ace

    Why Triple H why?

    • Ken

      Real world corporate credibility.
      Long scraggly hair is fine for him as talent, but in the real world the suit and short hair work wonders.

  • PainOfDemise

    Got to try and keep up with the Undertaker!

  • Bigdaddychuck

    He looks like edge!!!

  • dusty588


  • Logan_Walker

    He can finally be classified as a MAN along with Edge for cutting his hair. Real men have short hair.

    • Mike L

      Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart are the greatest of all time, and they have long hair.

      • Wainwright

        Yes, and they are Both LOOOOONNG overdue for one!! Especially HBK!

    • ceedot

      Oh, making something of himself, starting a family and taking care of them while on the road and partially running an internationally known business doesn’t make him a man? Wow! Such wise words! You must be Buddah reincarnate!

    • Logan_Walker

      You mad bro?

    • Dzdx

      That is the most stupid thing I've ever heard. Grow up, "real man".

  • Wow

  • Sam The Man

    Ishhh. not sure about that. Remind me of Nash a couple years ago. The best change of style: Angle,McMahon and Jericho.

    • Randy

      You forgot The Miz

  • Patrick Peralta

    A Miracle Happened he must have liked Undertaker's new Look.

  • jdl

    Good for Triple H, it's about time he left 1994 behind.

  • Rog

    and the transformation into vince mcmahon is coming close to completion

  • My name is?

    He looks like Bobby roode with blonde hair.

    • Sky

      That’s so Tru I was about to say the same thing

  • Hardy

    Just no! Triple h has always had lots of hair! This just isn’t right.

  • Kleck

    Seems WWE is playing the media once again with serious “retirement” talk.

  • Bault16

    Will he wear a wig until they can explain why he cut it?

  • christopher525

    Holy crap, that looks odd on him.

  • Patrick

    well that explains why he supposedly threw a fit backstage at Raw on monday. With a cut like that, i'd be pretty upset too.

    • Randy

      Hair really does effect your mood. If you get a bad haircut odds are you’re going to be in a bad mood. But, If you get a good haircut odds are you’re going to be in a good mood. I take it HHH is having second thoughts about why he did it lol

  • Angel Psymon

    He's stepping into Vince's shoes and his hairstyle!

  • kristolium

    I know its just hair and shouldnt be a shocker, but it's really strange seeing a change after god knows how many years.

  • Sythian

    I love how for most performers this would be no big deal, but wow he looks different now.

  • Liam

    Looks good, but definitely different

  • Benjs

    He’s really selling this retired thing

  • HHH pulled a britney spears.

  • Xxhowie1973xx

    Wow! Very different!

  • Randy


    • Razmos01

      D Bry smark

  • branchtana

    He used to look like the horse’s mane. Now he looks like the horse’s ass.

  • The Booya

    Is The Game truly gone now? 🙁

  • Lenny


  • Ricky Valdez

    HHH is playing a new game now, COO of the wwe. Soon hunter will be the the most powerful man in the GAME.

    • Mario

      Couldn`t said it better myself !!!

  • Btb

    Are they going to show promos of him cutting his hair to rematch Lesner?

    • Wainwright

      Haha. Nice.

  • Adam O’Brien

    Now he looks like he did when he impersonated Vince McMahon with Shawn Michaels.

  • The transformation to Vince is almost complete.

    I find it funny that after his joke to the rest of DX about being the only one to manage to keep his long hair he does this… But hey times change.

    • SRP

      His joke was that he was the only one with a full head of hair. That didn’t change.

    • StephenSnel23

      Pretty sure he was talking about going bald. He’s not cutting it because he has too due to balding, just wanted to switch it up probably

      • Which is what I was kinda getting at just not very well…. I

  • hHh

    Why Triple H why did you cut your hair and I will always remember for longer hair

    • Bishop

      Why are you talking to yourself?

  • Mike Hunt

    Others have already pointed it out but if he lost the beard he really would look like a younger Vince…what’s next? Funkasaurus on the Adkins diet?

  • Chapinb0yy

    Damn. Oh well i hope he atleast donated that hair he had

  • Wwe4L76

    Undertaker, edge and now HHH?… Old guys…

  • ken

    First Undertaker, then Edge and now Triple H. Actually, it doesn't look that bad. As long as he doesn't join the Hulk Hogan Hairclub, we're good.

    • havoc525

      Difference is that Edge and Trips got decent looking cuts. Undertaker, on the otherhand, looks ridiculous.

      • Dzdx

        It's because he's balding badly….duh… haha. that's why it was mohawked out

  • Hardy

    The cerebral assassin has died by the looks of it.

  • tommy

    i read Edge did an interview during which he stated that he cut his hair because he didnt want to “look like a 40 year old man does with a ponytail”… i bet Trips saw this and acted on it.. that shiz will make u feel old trust me

  • phil

    So if u dont have short hair ur not a real man?..sounds like sum 1 doesnt know what they speak of. I wholeheartedly disagree with that statement

  • Angelica

    I don’t know why people are making a big deal about a haircut… Seriously who cares? Woo he cut his hair big deal!

  • Joey

    Time to shave the game!!!

  • Wendy

    I'm all for men cutting their hair. Not that HHH didn't look good with it long. I think right now the problem is that beard. If he pairs the short new 'do with a clean shaven face he'll be tops!

  • Dave D

    Am I the only one who thinks the son in law has to look good for the senate campaign?

  • Dale

    His entrance with the water bottle is going to suck now.

  • Moe

    Not a big deal to those who are complaining, he actually looks good.

  • John Carpenter

    Time to shave the beard

  • JasonGaza

    First Punk, Then Edge, Then Taker, Then Punk Again, Now HHH!!!! Nooo whyyyy!!! who’s next Kofi Kingston? Heath Slater? HBK!?!?!?! wwe needs to keep hair!