Triple H Discusses Cutting His Hair, Jericho Says It Was Vince's Idea For Him Not To Speak, John Cena To The C-Shows

- Triple H was on "The Morning Buzz" on 100.3 WHEB to promote Wrestlemania 29. In the interview, he discussed the decision to cut his hair. You can listen at this link.

- Chris Jericho revealed in an interview that it was Vince McMahon that came up with the idea to have him not speak after returning to the company earlier this year. He said it was the best way to dull the babyface reactions from him not being on television for so long.

- This week John Cena taped a match for WWE Saturday Morning Slam against Heath Slater, next week he'll headline WWE Main Event against Damien Sandow. The match will be taped next Tuesday in Bossier City, Louisiana.

  • Ian P.

    Sandow v. Cena, I'm listening!

  • Sweetonion

    Sandow our savior from all this ignoramuses

    • Judging by your grammar, Sandow is saving us from you…

    • Ger


  • Joey

    The irony in the name of the radio station Triple H discusses his haircut with!

    • MonstaHeel450

      Morning Buzz-cut.. heh heh. Right.

  • BonCrueMassey1

    the Sandow/Cena Match on Saturday morning Slam wont air for another 3 Weeks. as they tape SMS 3 weeks in advance of airing.

    • tna

      the sandow/cena match is going to be taped next tuesday on the smackdown tapings for next weeks wwe main event not saturday slam.

    • Ken

      They need that three weeks to go through it with a headlice comb and edit out anything even remotely violent or aggressive.
      Spoiler alert (not really)……
      They come down to the ring, hook up, then suddenly the video jumps, Cena hits the AA, and wins.

    • Travis Phelps

      That match is going to be on Main Event not Saturday morning slam

      • Ken

        My bad. I totally misread that.

  • Austin

    Chris Jericho’s last return was genious!!!! Why they didn’t stick with the no talking gimmick I’ll never know.

    • Michael

      because it would be boring? and how would it be Jericho is he doesn't talk.

  • Is that HHH’s daughter? She must have gotten Hunter’s genes and not enough of Steph’s.

  • Michael

    HHH with no hair, just aint the same