Triple H Discusses Jerry Lawler Having A Heart Attack On Live WWE TV - Puts Over Dr. Michael Sampson, Says No One Would Have Imagined This Outcome

Jim Varsallone spoke with Triple H (sporting his new haircut) about the heart attack Jerry Lawler suffered at WWE Raw a couple weeks ago. You can watch the interview embedded in the video below:

  • Jamie

    HHH doesn't look the same without his famous maine!

    • Kevin

      Yeah, now if he'd just shave the beard and moustache, the transformation to Vincent Kennedy McMahon, Jr. will be complete.

  • christianrocker90

    Short hair doesn't suit The Game.

  • Voxmann41

    Triple HHH and short hair don’t mix. He had a lot of good stuff to say about Jerry and dealing with the situation. I felt bad for Mike Cole as you could see during the match in the background Jerry having the attack, the genuine concern and panic for Jerry. It’s a credit to Cole that he could keep it together for the most part during the ordeal. And to the wrestlers especially Kane as you could see and sense his concern on the apron. It’s sad that this is what it took to get JR back on the air. And Jerry had one hell of a physical match holding his own prior to the attack.