Triple H Discusses Transition From Talent To Management, Favorite Wrestlemania Moment, The Ultimate Warrior

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The Los Angeles Times has a new article online featuring a Q&A with Triple H. Below is an excerpt:

Q: What is the biggest adjustment you have had to make in transitioning from full-time wrestler to full-time management?

Full-time wrestlers have fewer meetings than full-time managers do. I spend time in meetings a lot. And wearing a tie is kind of a downfall. I think it’s just learning to deal with situations in a business way as opposed to a locker room way. There is a large world of difference and you just have to learn that transition.

Q: What is your favorite WrestleMania moment not involving yourself?

The [Hulk] Hogan-Andre [the Giant] slam from WrestleMania III.  At that time I was just a fan like everyone else.  Andre was just this immovable mountain and Hogan was the man.  It was the first time I had seen a so-called passing of the torch in a really big way by two global stars. That was just a moment that you can never forget.

Q: Finally, now that you are in management, any chance you can sign Ultimate Warrior to a one-day contract for a future WrestleMania and then squash him in the ring?

It’s funny, a lot of people bring that up in a negative way like it was this terrible thing in my life. While working with him personally wasn’t the highlight of my life from a business standpoint, for me to go to me first WrestleMania and wrestle a legendary figure in the business -- and that is what he was and is -- like the Ultimate Warrior, a Hall of Fame superstar in the business in my first WrestleMania appearance, squash or not, was a mind blowing thing for me. I was thrilled to be in that position and to have that match with the Ultimate Warrior. I was thrilled with the fact that at that time Vince McMahon was willing to put me in that role. The Ultimate Warrior wasn’t there till the day of the show, so I had to do all the promotion for that match. I wanted Vince McMahon to look at me as a guy he could count on to handle the return of a guy that he was hoping would be a huge impact on the business. He had the trust in me and I would do a good job with it.  So to me, that was nothing but a good experience. Potentially, I could bring him back and get the win.

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  • Abe

    I had to stop reading when he mention andre passing the torch to hogan, hogan already had the torch for years before mania 3

    • John

      So I guess you Didn’t read the part where he admits he married Steph because she was the boss’s daughter?

    • Da KiDD

      I feel you Abe. It's just like the idiots who think Rock losing, would be some sort of "passing of the torch" to Cena. BS

  • Passing of the torch: Just one of those imaginary “brass rings”

  • Ricky Valdez

    Andre did pass the torch to hogan because Andre was pretty much done with his career at that point.

  • Paul

    Triple h is a bigger and better superstar than ultimate warrior ever was. Don’t wanna see him back as unlikely as it may be.