Triple H Discusses Vickie's Departure, Adding Kane; Where Is Mike Adamle?

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New Kayfabe Triple H Interview

This week's sit-down interview between Triple H and Michael Cole is now online. The interview addresses Vickie Guerrero's WWE departure, adding Kane to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match at Money in the Bank and whether Triple H worried about becoming Dean Ambrose's "enemy for life."  All of course complete in-character.

Click here to watch it or check it out in the video embedded below:

Where is Mike Adamle?

Have you ever wondered what happened to Mike Adamle? Dot com checks in with a "Where Are They Now?" piece at this link. And for those wondering, he would welcome the opportunity to come back.

  • kavon

    I think i know why kane is in this match. Now follow me:seth Rollins will win mitb match. Kane role is to stop reigns from winning and help orton win. Orton will win but hhh and seth comes out and give kane the nod and kane chokeslams orton. Then hhh gives the nod to seth to cash in his mitb. Seth hits curb stomp on orton and become champion.