Triple H Encourages WWE Star To Return Early From Injury, Tells Them They Have A Reputation For Being Soft

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We're told there is a lot of pressure on Sin Cara to come back as quickly as possible from his knee operation. Triple H has been advising him a lot lately on how to repair some of the heat he has in the locker room.

Hunter has told Cara, in not so many words, that he has a reputation for being soft and that it would earn him some stripes if he was able to come back quickly. Another issue Triple H is using as motivation for a quick return is the fact Rey Mysterio is currently out, providing an opportunity for Sin Cara.

  • SteveLP

    Surprised he doesn’t say similar to Ted DiBiase, been injured forever, comes back and is injured again!

    • I think this has more to do with Hunter’s relationship with Sin Cara. Triple H really got behind WWE bringing him in from Mexico with the idea he could be Rey’s successor. He even went to bat for him when he failed a Wellness test and helped delay his suspension.

  • Winnipeg

    Wouldent it be easier to open up a cruserweight division in NXT or whatever and pick who excells in that? Too much expectation on Sin Cara, I feel he’s not as good as he was when he first came in.

    • I agree, there was a lot of hype regarding Sin Cara but he has failed so far. I think the simply solution is to put somebody else behind the mask since they have put so much effort in to the character as it is, no point in just getting rid of it, just get rid of the guy behind the mask.

      • Heck that’s what the Lucha promotion did to him when he left.