Triple H Having Trouble Using His Hand & Arm

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Triple H's left hand is badly swollen after suffering a muscle contusion in his match against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 29 on Sunday night. Hunter is having a hard time moving both his hand and arm. You can view a photo Hunter posted on Twitter below:

The initial fear was Hunter had a broken arm but x-rays performed in the locker room of MetLife Stadium were negative.

  • jackkedx10

    maybe it’s a sign that it’s time to hang them up

    • BobCobb

      Nah, just some swelling. No biggie. Triple h looks in better shape now then he has in years, looks more cut. With that being said his WM match was a stinkfest. Extremely slow pace I found.

  • Good god … that is some swelling right there.

  • Jasterkast

    Hang it up Triple Fake!