Triple H Meets With The Miz Over R-Truth Spot, Chris Hero Signed By WWE, What You Didn't See On Raw Supershow

- Triple H met with The Miz about failing to catch R-Truth after his over-the-top-rope somersault plancha on last night's Raw Supershow. Truth is fine after the spot but Hunter was "pretty upset" over it and let The Miz know as much backstage.

- Chris Hero was at Florida Championship Wrestling in Tampa yesterday and has agreed to a WWE developmental deal. The company has been interested in him for months but the last time they tried to sign him, his testosterone levels came back elevated. Everything came back fine after the latest round of testing and he now has a contract.

- After last night's WWE Raw Supershow went off the air, John Cena beat Kane in a dark match main event.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    all right Chris Hero is finally in WWe.. now "Kings Reign Supreme"

  • havoc525

    Uh oh, a legit tag team, working for Vince?

  • Dave

    Miz has been rather sloppy as of late, he botched his mic work as well as ring work a few times, though I can't blame him, his schedule has been very hectic as of late, being in London, UAE, RAW and so on.

    • A2H

      I agree, he put on a very poor performance all through last night's match.

    • cristina

      Oh and NOBODY else in WWE has the same schedule? Fame is not free man. Look how full Cena's plate is. Talk shows, movies, Make-A-Wish, getting ready for WM, etc etc, and for as much as people criticize Cena's skill level, I have yet to recall any incident where he crippled or almost crippled a co-worker out of sloppiness. There is no excuse for Miz's botchtastic performance last night, and Truth is very lucky. If this schedule is too much for Miz than I am sure some dumb reality show can make a home for him.

      • Tom

        But John Cena is very lazy…when you take a beatdown most of the match and then suddenly "hulk up" and do the 5 moves of doom to end the match with… It doesn't require much effort on Cena's fault. Outside of WWE, he's a workhorse, but to come in night after night and claim he loves the business, then give this crap in return… What happens when people refuse to work with him and carry him through a match? I know i would.

        Sounds like you have a chip in your shoulder over The Miz.

        • Jerome

          Are you serious.. Accidents happen. It’s nobody’s fault. How do we know r truth was early on his jump and mix had no time to react?

        • Darkk_tintt

          I complety agree!! If you notice Cena never pulls any type of offense until the end of the match…character refreshment is needed NOW! No matter how much money he makes for WWE

          • ben

            acsidents. are not suppoesed to happen morea an. u have to take care of your co worker.

        • Chris

          No-one was talking about how many moves he performs in a match. Look at the work he does for WWE, outside of the ring. Then throw in all the travel and the amount of time he must spend in the gym. As much as his character is disliked right now, the man is phenomenally dedicated and hard working and can't be knocked by anyone!

        • PC

          Listen, you can go through any wrestler's career and find a bad match or two. This was just one of those matches that the road and the work load caught up to him. I saw the match. And yeah Miz was not performing up to the high standard that he does actually work but I strongly think that the Miz did not purposely breaking R-Truth's fall. It was an obvious miscommunication between the two. It's the wrestling business. People get hurt for doing alot less. I remember when Triple H was wrestling full time he was thrown over the ropes and hurt his knee. Remember when John Cena went for his leg drop against Batista and Batista countered it into a powerbomb? Guys get hurt in the business. Get over it.

        • The Prototype

          I wish i could click 'thumbs down' more than once

        • cristina

          That is the absolute DUMBEST thing I heard all day. How can I have a chip on my shoulder about Miz? I don't even know the guy. You must be a jackass. All's I know is I saw the footage, and can see what the fucking reality was. The Miz was careless. Do I think he intentionally hurt Truth? No, but I do think he got a sudden case of cold feet. That's not the place to get cold feet. I brought up Cena because for as critical as people are about his style of wrestling, he's really good at not injuring other people. He does his JOB, and his schedule is probably the most hectic of anyone else. But he still does his job right.

      • Dave

        "As of late" can you not read? Miz was in UAE which I should tell is a 14 hour flight, and than in London promoting the business, clearly Cena is being used all over the US, but it isn't as hectic as traveling different countries and be in shape for a full blown RAW.

  • Gesusoliver

    As happy as I am that his levels are normal and that the man is signed, wouldn't you been a little weary of investing money into the man?

    • Kerri

      What exactly would cause you to think that WWE would need to be weary of doing so? His age isn't a factor, his skill sets are better than most in developmental, he's a well known indy worker and has a good look.

      His levels were high on the first test- it's not like you could go look at his old stuff and say "yep, he's using roids" or whatever, he had a very natural progression from what he used to look like to now. It's not like now that he's signed he's going to do/take the exact same thing again- he's not Evan Bourne stupid.

  • Ricky

    Now Bryan and Punk are considered top guys in the WWE I wonder how many old RoH names we will see in WWE in the Future?

  • Ellen

    Triple H has every right to be angry about what the Miz did. Accidental or not, no one has the right to harm a co-worker in anyway. These men are responsible for each other's safety…the Miz had no right to intentionally or unintentionally cause harm to R-Truth or anyother "superstar". And, if his schedule "has been very hectic as of late" then grow up and manage it.

    • cristina

      I'm with you man. You know it's one thing when a wrestler plays an asshole on tv, it's another entirely when you discover he really IS the King of Douchery. What Miz did last night was inexcusable, and even as a mere fan even I saw that he fucked up bad. He could've crippled Truth, and I am willing to bet HHH was remembering what happen to Drozdov years ago. No way do we need another tragic incident like that. There is no excuse…everybody else in WWE has pretty much the same "hectic" schedule as Miz.Either way you know the price you pay to be a star, if you can't deal with it find something else to do.

  • Logan_Walker

    When i Watched It (RAW) I Thought That Miz Should Of Caught Truth ? That could of been much more serious

  • Nathen

    The hectic schedule thing was an excuse made up by a commenter. Let's not act like it is the Miz's excuse. Also, accidents happen in this business. The Miz messed up last night, there is no denying that. However for everyone to jump on him and bash him because of a mistake is hypocritical. Have you ever caused an accident? Ever done something that caused another pain unintentionally? Maybe slammed the door on someone's fingers? Yes, R-Truth could have been seriously hurt and the Miz should have been spoken to, as Triple H did. But everyone needs to get off of their "I am perfect and don't make mistakes and anyone who does make mistakes is the worst person in the world" soap box.

    Several months ago Randy Orton busted open Cody Rhodes. It was an accident. Yet Randy, unprofessionally I might ad, did not stop and let Cody get the treated. Instead he was relentless and continued his beat down while Cody bled profusely, soaking more than a few towels with blood. You want to crucify someone who legitimately doesn't care about the welfare of other workers, crucify Orton who only cares about his own spotlight. I didn't see the Miz attack Truth after the botch, in fact Truth was taken away to get medical help(as Rhodes should have been months ago).

    It was an accident, let it be.

    • H.M.

      Well said.

    • Basknata1

      I agree with u.. If u watched..the cameras actually showed the mizz talking to truth under the ring.. It was an accident.. One that shouldn’t have happened but one none the less

    • Van

      this is why you should never date a diva when you're a superstar.your career will be messed up if they do something to get released.
      1.Morrison-dating Melina.his career hasn't been the same since getting heat when he brought Melina backstage during a live event of the weekend after she was released for being a biotch he's a Heavyweight Champion for a company that just started.
      2.Miz-dating Maryse.he got beat up at the end of every live event during the European Tour due to Maryse saying on camera after her Release Party that her release was Vince's he's being blamed for things such as Survivor Series' buyrate being down and now something else is gonna happen to him due to botching R-Truth's landing.
      3.McIntyre-used to be married to former WWE Diva Tiffany.has gone from the Chosen One to the Forgotten One and has lost almost every match since their divorce after she got in trouble with the police which also caused her to get released from WWE

  • Glen

    The thing with the Miz/R-Truth angle is if you watch the video again, Miz was actually in position to catch Truth, and he side steps. I'm not saying he did it on purpose, but it was a little weird to me.

    • Synyster

      Maybe Miz was meant to dodge the move but either way it was an accident that happens in the buisness

  • bruno

    stop blaming miz. He is a human being and thus subjective to mistakes

  • Simze

    Man everybOdy likes to complain bout cena I’d like to see u go out there and do what he does both in and out of the ring. The man works his butt off for the fans and all he gets is negatives from people who just sit on the couch and watch him

  • Max

    I think miz was really upset over the botch because later in the match when him and jericho did the double clothesline right before they did it he fell early and popped right back up to take the move right if you watch it you'll see what I mean.

  • Kevin

    I must be missing something. Who is Chris Hero?