Triple H Hoping To Have A Deal Done By The End Of The Week For The Next 2013 WWE Hall Of Fame Induction, Who It Is & Why They've Entered "Crunch Time"

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We're told as of late Tuesday/early Wednesday there was no deal in place to induct Bruno Sammartino into the WWE Hall of Fame.

"It's crunch time," as one source told me.

If a deal is not reached by the end of the week, they're going to be out of time and have to move on without Sammartino. Triple H thinks the deal will get done and that they are very close but since it's not done yet, a lot can happen.

We're told both sides will kayfabe until it's officially announced as they are hoping to hammer out the rest of the details by the end of the weekend, otherwise the deal may be dead.

Richard Reacts: Forgive me for showing my age (I'm 27), but I don't understand why Hunter is so obsessed with inducting Bruno Sammartino into the WWE Hall of Fame. If Bruno doesn't want to go in, or can't agree to a deal, then why not just move on without him? This goes past WWE's PG audience, as I'm 27 and the name Bruno Sammartino doesn't hold near the significance as Hogan or the Attitude Era legends.

  • GD

    Bruno made the WWWF. There might not be a company without him.

  • Win

    Aside from Bruno being a large part of wrestling history, its also a sign of professional respect. I’ve always been under the impression you were a sort of a wrestling historian Richard, who would understand that type of outreach. While I wasn’t around to see Muhammad Ali, Bill Russell, Babe Ruth, nor Vince Lombardi, hisortically speaking, I understand the popularity the helped garner for their sport, the generation they inspired to pursue it as a career(Triple H, perhaps?), and the greatness they displayed while performing. And I don’t think the journalist of those respective sports would be scratching their heads with confusion as to why someone would pursue them for their Hall of Fame’s. History should read Bruno Sammartino was inducted, you not being old enough to have seen him, isn’t an excuse for you not knowing of his excellence.

    • I am going to echo these words. I am 25 years old. Even at that statement I know bruno’s place in WWE history. Bruno is the longest reigning WWE Champion in the history of the company. He carried the company and helped support it until the Backland’s and Hogan’s took it to their next levels. Bruno deserves the honor and it is the ultimate respect that Triple H wants to induct him to pay that long overdue honor that Bruno deserves.

  • Patrick

    regardless weither you grew up watching him wrestler or not..Bruno is a big part of WWE history with out him WWE wouldn’t be around he helped shape WWE as much as Hogan did in his day………..I do agree with one thing if Bruno has no interest in the WWE HOF then move on….BUT you don’t just ignore his legacy and his part in the history of WWE.

  • Michael

    I agree with Richard I said that Weeks ago, leave him where he be. Bruno hasn’t been relevant for decades nobody cares if he’s in or not Hunter move on. Punk had it on point Bruno only wrestled once a month nowhere near rye attitude or todays era.

  • Nostaljack

    I don’t mean to bash but since you run a wrestling website, probably best not to admit that you don’t “get” why Bruno is so important. He is absolutely a central figure in the of both the WWWE and WWF. The stuff with Billy Graham and him is legendary. I strongly suggest you do some research. Without him, there’s no company for Hogan to or the Attitude Era to happen in. Even Wikipedia wouldn’t be the worst place to start. Wow…

  • The whole Bruno story is a bit interesting. I completely see Richard’s side of things as it all deals with how old you are which makes the particular person relevant or not. Bruno is from Pittsburgh, which is where I live, and we really don’t see or hear much of him at all. I know there is a sports museum here and there may be a little corner dedicated to Bruno and another area for Kurt Angle, but I would have to say that Kurt is a bigger name in this city than Bruno. I know how big Bruno was back in the day, but there hasn’t been any recognition of him from the news or paper or anything for quite sometime.

  • Whoa now, I believe I’ve been misunderstood. I’m not here to dispute anything Bruno did… or didn’t do in the professional wrestling business. This isn’t Canton… We’re talking about a commercialized wrestling Hall of Fame that features Drew Carey, Koko B. Ware and Mike Tyson. The WWE Hall of Fame is about selling tickets and creating excitement for Wrestlemania, not about rewarding the people that have contributed the most to the wrestling business.

    If he doesn’t want induct it, then fine… Don’t put him in. It makes no difference to me.

    • Isn’t WWE looking to build a canton though? Their own Hall-Of-Fame location. if so how can you not have the guy that held the WWWF/WWF/WWE title longer then any other person in history of the company not inducted. That is a big portion of their history missing. Over a 1/5th of the WWE’s title existence Bruno was the man holding it after all. You can’t build a physical HOF building and not have Bruno in it IMO.

      Plus I think Hunter wants to mend some bridges that have been burnt or broken over the years by Vince and some former talent/ex-promoters/etc. Inducting Bruno would allow for that process to begin. Hunter knows his time is near and would like to begin the process of putting his stamp on the WWE and it’s HOF. Bruno’s inclusion is the beginning of that along with the developmental changes that he has made.

    • Nostaljack

      I think the overall issue is that, with all due respect, you’re unaware what Bruno did for the business and you run a wrestling website. His induction is clearly about lending some credibility to this enterprise. In my eyes, this’d do it; so will Backlund’s.

  • LeftyTosser

    Richard, there can be little question of the importance of Bruno to the history of the WWWF / WWE. Whether someone saw him perform or not is irrelevant. He was the “face” of the company for a very long time. We all understand that this is more a promotional situation than an actual merit based award but to not have the person that carried the flag for the company for years is ridiculous. By the way, for those that lived during this era (and I was very young but yes, very much alive) Bruno wrestled a lot more than once a month at MSG. It was not a 5 show per week situation back then but at the same time most of the guys drove between venues, not fly and they were on the road a ton. Many of them also had other jobs that they worked while performing. Bruno wants VKM to man up on some things and in all honesty I cannot blame him.

  • karlo

    Bruno should have been the first inductee into the HOF . and I give HHH for trying so hard. because it makes the HOF legitnot to mention it it pays respect to the heritage of pro wrestling

  • I think Hunter wants it to be seen more as a ‘real’ HOF and not just as a merchandising tool.