Triple H On NXT Being Its Own Brand, Bray Wyatt's Success, NXT Standouts Failing

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Triple H answered questioned from fans on Twitter on Thursday in anticipation for Thursday night's NXT Takeover show. We've included most of the questions and responses below:

  • Jesse Sherwood

    Glad our own Jamie Welton (writer of The Smackdown Breakdown) got a question answered!

    • Jamie

      Thanks Jesse. Pretty pleased with that happening, I wasn’t expecting it to get an answer.

      • Yes Jamie, we are so proud! I was in the car when your FB message came through, I was showing it off to my oldest daughter Ellie. Very excited!

        • Jamie

          Thanks Kendra. It was great to have it happen & I’m just pleased to have gotten a response

  • Bryan

    Glad to see Triple H out of character. He really is a nice guy when hes not in character.