Triple H Officially Announces Cena vs. Orton, "Blames" Daniel Bryan For Kane Attack

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This week's kayfabe interview with Michael Cole and Triple H is now online. Below are the highlights:

  • Cole opened by asking Hunter about Kane getting involved in the main event at Monday Night Raw. While Cole clearly put the blame on Kane, Triple H put the blame on Daniel Bryan. Triple H said there would be an "internal investigation" but Daniel Bryan attacked him. He does't know why Kane was down there but is sure he had a good reason. Hunter, in-character, pushed Cole to move on.
  • Triple H said Daniel Bryan put on an impressive and stellar performance on Raw. He said Randy Orton, maybe not quite what he would expect from the "face of the WWE." Cole asked Hunter why he and Stephanie McMahon "decided" for Orton to run the gauntlet against his Elimination Chamber challengers.
  • Hunter said while Orton might be the most talented guy in the locker room, sometimes he lacks confidence. So Orton, like a child, is forced by Triple H, the adult, to get in uncomfortable situations to give him a chance to be as good as he believes that he is. Hunter said he came up short on Raw and he'll be expecting big things in his match against Christian on Smackdown. He said it's his job to get talent to reach their peak, sometimes with them kicking and screaming.
  • Triple H officially announces that Orton will face John Cena next week on Monday Night Raw in Los Angeles. We ran this here on
  • After the interview, Triple H apparently "curses" at Cole in a rant that's bleeped out. Hunter gets in Cole's face, pointing his finger at him.

Click here to watch the latest kayfabe interview in its entirety.  We also have it embedded below:

  • WNW Fan

    And Be A Star falls hard

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      How :S

  • Nostaljack

    Please don’t set up some silly feud between Kane & Daniel Bryan. I am uninterested in that idea and Bryan deserves a main event feud.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      They probably will ’till ‘mania. This is what they seemed to be doing with Punk, and they have replaced Punk with Bryan. So yeah.. they probably will.

  • _JIM_

    Allright!! Cena vs Orton!! That’s a match I’ve been waiting a long time to see!! I mean by the day of the match, it will have been nearly 2 whole weeks since they have faced off!! I hope my sarcasm is very evident to anyone reading this. Honestly I know they have Orton facing all of his Elimination Chamber opponents in the weeks leading up to the show, but they are really running this particular match into the ground. Then add in the nontitle stipulation and you’ve got a match that I will immediately be reaching for the remote to change channels when it begins. I just can’t take it again, and since it has no title implications I refuse to suffer through it yet again. After the reception this match received at the Royal Rumble, one would think that creative would actually get creative and do anything they could to avoid putting these two together in a match for a long time. But no, here we are not even two weeks later and they are having another match. WWE really needs to start doing what they say that they do, and LISTEN TO THEIR FANS!