Triple H On Daniel Bryan Having The "It" Factor, WWE's Biggest Party Of The Summer

Triple H on Daniel Bryan has a new Q&A online with Triple H to promote SummerSlam. In it, he discusses Daniel Bryan. Below is an excerpt:

Triple H: I think Daniel has an “it” factor to him. Daniel’s an extremely exciting competitor in the ring. He’s very technically sound, but in addition to that he’s also got a huge personality and a charisma to him and just a quality that you must see. You want to see him. He intrigues people, and I think that’s what being a WWE Superstar is all about. Not to quote CM Punk’s music, but it’s that cult of personality, and he has it. He has it, John Cena has it, CM Punk has it, Brock Lesnar has it, the biggest stars of this industry always have it. Daniel has it, now how does he parlay that? How does he take that personality and that charisma and turn it into the biggest thing possible, which is being the WWE Champion? Is he that good, does he have that ability? And that’s where it goes because, like Cena said, it’s getting there, and then it’s staying there. Getting there is a moment, staying there is a full-time process. Let’s hope he can get it all done. I’m excited to see it, I’m anxious to see it. There are not a lot of times where you feel like you’re on the edge of a momentum shift or on the edge of a “Wow, this could change everything” moment. That’s where we’re at on Sunday. We’re at the edge of that cliff of “Wow, this could change everything.” It’s going to be interesting to see how that plays out.

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WWE's Biggest Party of the Summer

You can watch video of Natalya working the red carpet at the WWE "Superstars for Hope" party on Thursday night at this link. You can also watch in the video embedded below:

  • Gary Robert

    I think the BEST thing that could happen at Summerslam is for Bryan to not only beat Cena for the title but then to beat Orton after he cashes in trying to take advantage in some way. Think of how the place would pop if he did both of those things…and it would cement the fact that he’s there to stay. Just a thought.

    • Nathen

      That is exactly what I want to see happen. It would cause the fans in the Staples Center(myself among them) to erupt and cement Daniel Bryan’s main event status.

    • StraightEdgeForLife

      I agree as well!

    • Ben

      The problem with that is it completely jobs out Orton when the company is finally pushing him again. I make no bones about despising Orton and I’m a huge Bryan fan- so obviously, from a fan standpoint, I would LOVE to see Bryan completely bury that scumbag- but the fact is, Orton gets over as a heel or a face and is a top draw and that outcome would make him look incredibly weak.

      The one thing that absolutely cannot happen is Cena going over clean. Bryan losing dirty protects him and gives him a big main event program going forward. Keep in mind that sometimes the chase for the title is even better than the actual win, and a long chase can make the win that much sweeter when it does happen.

  • Tony Rankin

    I’m trying to get over the fact that Triple H said Brock Lesnar has huge personality and charisma.

    • Jesse Sherwood

      Personality, I’ll grant. He is the no nonsense bruiser and seems like he is almost exactly who he is inside the ring as he would be outside of it. But charisma? I had to laugh at that!

      • Tony Rankin

        I would say ‘ no nonsense’ is about the only personality trait he has going for him, which doesn’t qualify as “huge personality” IMO. I can’t see him portraying any other role besides vicious heel and viscous face (Ruthless Aggression Era) meanwhile the other names Trips mentioned have shown a range of character from silly, to serious, to sarcastic.

  • OldFan

    I remember many years ago a PPV where I thought Jericho was just going to be the fodder for two bigger superstars — then, Y2J won and it took him to the level of greatness. I hope that happens for Bryan tonight. If he beats Cena and the show ends…or if Orton takes it from him by cashing in…it’s a great PPV. If he beats Cena…then makes Orton tap out…it’s an EPIC PPV that will be remembered forever. WWE needs someone else at that level, and Bryan’s the guy.