Triple H Replaces Jason Jordan As Newest Member Of Team RAW

In a shocking turn of events, following a brutal beatdown at the hands of Bray Wyatt, it appeared that Jason Jordan will no longer be on Team RAW at Survivor Series. Instead, the reigns will be handed over to... Triple H, who came down to the ring to confirm the decision and even dropped Jason with the Pedigree. Yes, that's right. The Game returns to in-ring action this Sunday on the WWE Network.

  • DM

    This kind of decisions makes me think that they don’t trust in their own “main eventers” HHH and Angle to the rescue… just saying

    • Harlie Boucher

      All the main eventers are in the PPV. Jason Jordan is not a main eventer and I am glad he got replaced as I don’t care for him and don’t want to watch him.

      • DM

        I’m agree with your point. I’m talking about the fact they had to put Angle and HHH, two guys that can give a hell of a show BUT are not active wrestlers, just because some of their top guys just don’t draw enough money (for their standars)… again, totally agree in the Jason Jordan thing