Triple H & Stephanie McMahon Supporting Floyd Mayweather In Las Vegas

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are supporting Floyd "Money" Mayweather Saturday night in Las Vegas. The following photo is from the verified Twitter account of Triple H:

Here's a photo from Hunter's seats:

Here's another of the camera guys:

Mayweather will fight Robert Guerrero Saturday night from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. ESPN has the coverage at this link.

  • lonewolf559619

    I don’t understand why WWE wants to have any business relationship with him, considering his recent criminal history and the fact that they’re PG. It’s highly hypocritical to promote “Be a Star” when you’re also promoting a scumbag who beat the mother of his child right in front of their kid.

    • Joey

      Maybe they just like him as a performer! I like Big Ben from the Steelers on the field as for a person I don’t like the man for what he has done off the field!

      • lonewolf559619

        So what because he’s a good performer, it’s okay to endorse a man who beats his kid’s mother right in front of him? Hell no! Speaking as a former bully victim it’s just utter hypocrisy for WWE to continue to promote him when they’re supposedly trying to deter bullying! And guess what? Physically assaulting the mother of his child in front of his very eyes makes Mayweather one of the worst bully’s and [email protected]$$y’$ of them all! He has a piss poor attitude inside and outside the ring, and their own audience boos him every time he shows up, despite trying and failing to make him a celebrity babyface, I just don’t see why they want to continue to do business with him when it puts their already shaky reputation even more down the drain and hardly does anything for them, financially.

        • Win

          Stone Cold beat his wife. Do you think they should cease to do business with him?

          • lonewolf559619

            Morally no. However, unlike Mayweather Austin does indeed make them money and draw ratings, so business wise I can at least understand why they do. Promoting Floyd baffles me as it just seems to do more harm than good. It makes their “Be a Star” campaign even more of a joke and they get virtually nothing out of it.

          • John

            Floyd Mayweather is way bigger than the WWE.. Why would he want them to promote him? Answer is, their not!

    • John

      What relationship do WWE currently have with Floyd Mayweather? Triple H is good friends with Mayweather, hence why he is always at his fights.. It has nothing to do with WWE.

      • lonewolf559619

        They’ve had him in Wrestlemania and a former host of Raw, so they do have a relationship. Even if HHH is only friends with him, it’s simply not wise to associate himself publicly with Mayweather, due to his recent criminal activity, HHH’s and Stephanie’s positions in the company, and they’re already criticized “Be a Star” campaign.