Triple H Suffers Second Degree Burns During Wrestlemania Entrance - White Substance Revealed

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Several readers sent in questions for Ask WNW regarding the white substance that was on Triple H during his entrance at Wrestlemania 29. As it turns out there was some type of malfunction where Hunter was hit with dry ice. He ended up suffering second degree burns.

Triple H Tweeted the following update:


  • David Morell

    Oh look it’s Cesaro behind him!

  • diddy

    oh look Triple H has an arm and a leg growing out of his torso he should see a doctor about that

  • Kacie

    Im glad he cleared that up because there was a group of us watching WM and we all thought the white stuff was something else…..something little more x-rated. hint hint.

    • I don’t know where you are comming from with this

      • Kacie

        Are you serious? Its semen, dude.

        • bh

          Duh! He was making a joke as well… smh

        • bill belichick

          it was just a terrible joke is all, like, thats not even what semen looks like

  • Richard, what exactly were they going for with the dry ice??

    • Joe

      Most likely the fog or smoke that comes off of dry ice but instead it sprayed him

  • frenchfry

    thats tough as balls right there he didnt even flinch when it happened, tons of respect to hhh