Triple H Throws A Fit Backstage At This Week's Smackdown Taping; Details On What Happened That Led To Him Ripping Creative; Update On TNA Names To WWE Including One Star Getting Close To Landing A Contract

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- I heard Triple H was in a particularly "cranky" mood backstage at this week's Smackdown taping. According to one of my sources, Hunter was upset about the booking and the script and made a comment the writers were just trying to fill time rather than progress story lines.

- For those continuing to wonder the status of Matt Morgan, Devon and Bully Ray, I'm assured none of the three have WWE deals as of this writing.

- Alex Shelley is scheduled to head to Japan this week and is currently selling his TNA Wrestling ring gear. If you're interested in purchasing, you can contact him at [email protected]. As for his contract status, he could be getting close to a contract with WWE but so far, nothing is official.

  • themcdangler

    Kind of hard to advance stories with only two major story’s going on

  • Bault16

    The writers do need to improve over all quality on smackdown

  • outkazt09

    If only Heyman can make the new “smackdown 6” with current wrestlers….

  • dex

    we all know the real reason he was upset… triple h hates his haircut.

  • danny

    i think the wwe needs to get some of the raw brand to air on smackdown from time to time. smackdown is nothing compared to raw which has the major superstars of both shows on it. if you could get something going on raw between superstars from both shows like you did this past week on raw between sheamus and cm punk rather then making that match take place on raw everytime have the match appear on smackdown im sure more fans would watch friday nights if they knew cm punk and john cena among others would appear on the show for a match that is announced on thr raw before it