Exclusive Details On How Triple H Is Preparing For His Eventual Succession Of Vince McMahon, Big WWE Name Takes Sizable Pay Cut, One Major Name You Can See Back On WWE Television Soon

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We've written a lot about Triple H's disdain for John Laurinaitis, however, I'm told he's been changing his tune a bit lately.

One source close to Hunter says he still thinks Laurinaitis was never qualified for the job of Executive Vice President of Talent Relations but now that he has gotten more involved in the day-to-day operations of WWE, he's come to appreciate some of the specific skills Laurinaitis has in regards to laying out a match. Triple H is looking to build his own team of guys for his eventual succession of Vince McMahon and is looking for guys that specialize in certain aspects of the business.

I'm told Hunter is hoping Big Johnny can fill a bit of the void left by Pat Patterson's diminished (and sometimes non-existent) role over the last several years. Laurinaitis did take a bit of a pay cut with his new position compared to his job running talent relations, however, with his contract as talent for his TV character, he's now back to basically making what he was making before he started as an on-screen character.

Speaking of Laurinaitis on television, expect him back before long. Triple H, in addition to Vince McMahon, actually loves his on-air character but felt he did a "terrible job" replacing Jim Ross in running talent relations.

  • Patrick Peralta

    "Speaking of Laurinaitis on television, expect him back before long"

    OH God NO, that is the last thing I want to see is big Johnny back on TV.. If he comes back to TV then I've had it with WWE the guys sucks on TV period.. as it is I keep the Mute so I don't have to listen to Cole. before with Big Johnny I would just fast forward past his segments.

    this Time I'm just going to quit watching WWE if he is brought back.

    He did a “terrible job” replacing Jim Ross in running talent relations."

    I agree 100%..

    • GODSENT83

      You say that every week, yet here you are complaining again lol

  • J-Dub

    Really BIG WWE NAME. Was this a ploy on Big Johnny? LOL. You are better than that Richard!

  • havoc525

    Ok, when you mention “big name taking a paycut” and “major name returning to TV,” could you say it’s the same person for both, instead of misleading people to.think it’s about 2 people? Also, the one mentioned is a medium name, at best.

    • Bigdaddychuck

      I agree you make it sound like there is more ppl than one in this piece and he is not nor ever a big name. I was thinking batasia was coming back the way you wrote this headline

  • robsharpe84

    He generates heat, why the hell not??

  • gpturbo81

    as long as JR is alive, talent relations should be his gig