Triple H's Latest Sit-Down Interview - Talks Vacant Title, Future Of Daniel Bryan

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This week's kayfabe sit-down interview between Michael Cole and Triple H is now online. Below are the highlights:

Cole asked about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon gloating over Daniel Bryan not being ready to return in time to defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Hunter said they were excited to announce to the world they would get what they deserve - a Money in the Bank ladder match to determine the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Asked how it was any different when Triple H tore his quadriceps and missed nearly a year, Hunter said he wasn't the WWE Champion when he tore his quadriceps. And if he was, he would have been man enough to hand over the championship belt and walk away. And when he came back it would have been on him to come back and claim what was on him. He said if you remember, that's exactly what he did. He won the Royal Rumble and won the Undisputed WWE Championship at Wrestlemania that year. If Daniel Bryan wants to do that, go ahead and try.

Hunter asked Cole what he would do if he were the COO of the company. Cole said under the rules, if the champion couldn't defend the championship within 30 days, he'd be forced to relinquish the belt. Hunter said if he refused, what would he do? Triple H answered for him, saying he would do what was right and that was strip Daniel Bryan of WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Triple H said having a fighting champion that can actually defend the title is what is best for business.

Cole asked Triple H if he would give Daniel Bryan "a crack" to win back the WWE World Heavyweight Championship when he came back from injury. Hunter said it depends on the situation at the time. If Daniel Bryan can return, he would consider him for a title opportunity but it would depend on the circumstances.

Michael said he found it funny that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have been in such good moods lately after all that has happened. Losing their general manager on Monday Night Raw, Evolution got beaten by The Shield, The Shield dissolved, Batista "quit," Randy Orton is on "vacation" and now the WWE World Heavyweight Champion is a former champion because of a serious neck injury. Triple H said Michael is the type of person that worries too much about things he can't control.

Triple H said he can't control if Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero aren't doing their jobs right, if Batista decides to quit, if The Shield decides to go rouge. Hunter said he eradicates the cancer and when you're cancer-free, you celebrate.

Hunter said it's not often he can guarantee on a specific day he can promise history will be made but he can this time. At Money in the Bank, people will see history because they will see a brand new WWE World Heavyweight Champion crowned. He guarantees it and this all about the evolution of the WWE.

Triple H said the WWE has never been in better hands.

Click here to watch this week's interview or check it out embedded in the video below: