Triple H's Workout, Undertaker vs. CM Punk Going To Be Tough To Follow

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Triple H's Workout

Muscle & Fitness has a new feature online on Triple H. In it, they show his workout routine and feature a quote from his 2-year-old daughter. You can read it at this link.

Undertaker vs. Punk Will Be Tough To Follow

Jim Ross has a new blog entry online on his official website where he gives his thoughts on this week's WWE Raw. In it, he goes on record about how hard to follow CM Punk vs. The Undertaker will be at Wrestlemania 29. Below is an excerpt:

Mark my words, @CMPunk vs. Undertaker will be tougher than a $2 steak to follow.

Click here to read JR's latest in its entirety.


  • Dustyn

    I personally feel that if the streak would ever be broken or when Undertaker decides to retire, that match would HAVE to go last on the card. I think Rock/Cena will close the show, with Undertaker/Punk happening just after mid way through the show.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Yea it’s gonna be hard to follow the end of the streak.

  • StraightEdgeForLife

    So put it on last then! Both these guys are great competitors, and I believe Punk deserves the Main Event at WrestleMania! Plus, what better way to end the show then with Punks hand raised in the air, and the jumbotron showing 20-1 🙂

  • Snap

    This is laughable. Taker/Lesnar or Taker/Sting would of been a billion times better then Taker/Punk. Punk is unbearable to watch at this point.

    • Gary Robert

      Sting isn’t an option!! Why moan about it? And Lesnar/Taker has been done! I certainly don’t want to see it…and if they did that match, you HAVE to put Lesnar over otherwise whats the point of having Lesnar signed to work so few dates.