Trish Stratus Declines Invitation To Appear On Monday's Raw Supershow

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WWE contacted Trish Stratus to appear on Monday's Raw Supershow, however, she declined the invitation.

While only Trish can answer the question why, there do not appear to be any problems between the two parties. If WWE does another season of Tough Enough, which Steve Austin said was to be 95%, she is expected to be a trainer.

  • thatguy

    maybe she HAPPEN to be busy. there doesn't always have to be a reason why someone says no

  • Chris_Storm

    Trish was on Tha O Show recently talking about charity events going on at her yogo stuido, this may have been part of the reason she could not get away.

  • scotts

    i'm guessing this in response to lita's appearance at the slammys

    • XKonn247

      Nope. Road Dogg

  • cristina

    Well I'm sure she had her reasons, but that would've been nice to see her and Lita together maybe versus Beth and Nattie. How awesome would that tag match have been?

  • I actually knew about a majority of this, but however, I still assumed it turned out helpful. Sweet task!