Trish Stratus Discusses The Lack Of Focus Given To Divas, How The Division Could Be Utilized More Effectively, More

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The Miami Herald has a new interview up with Trish Stratus, in which she discusses her acting career, the state of the Diva's division, a possible second season of Tough Enough, the inclusion of yoga into her life, and more. In the following excerpt, Trish discusses the lack of time and focus the Divas are given in WWE:

“Jazz and I were given that same two-minute timeslot and were regarded the same. We were just two chicks where there were the puppy chants and things like that. It was up to us to put something together that was so memorable or out of the box or giving them a certain level of entertainment or performance for the fans. At the end of the day it is what Vince [McMahon] and the other members of production want, but they are very much about what the fans want.

“We said we need the fans to demand more women so we went out there and tried to give them a match where they think, ‘Man, I’m not going to chant puppies anymore. I’m actually going to cheer for more of this.’ Then suddenly we found that because the interest has grown from the fans that allowed our ideas to be spoken louder to the production team. I kind of see it as my or their responsibility.

“I always said, whatever time they give you, it is your responsibility to make those the best one, two, three or five minutes you have because that is your opportunity to give the fans what they demand to see more of you.

Stratus then goes on to discuss how the division could be improved:

“I think what WWE got away from was keeping it just the women. You have two women feuding then they put a mishmash of eight people in there, so nobody gets a real focus. I think what was key was seeing the women in the men storylines like we have seen with Rosa Mendes out there with the guys. It gives them the opportunity to be out there with other characters. We are seeing them in valet roles a little bit more, and that helps highlight them and allows character development happen. It seems like they are moving in the right direction.”

Click here to read the full interview.

  • Logan_Walker

    So If Fan Start Chanting We Want Divas the WWE Would give us this ? hmmm

    • mathew30

      its worked in other areas aswell.


    Hmm we want HLA on raw instead of 2 min divas wraslin matches

  • Chandan

    I can chant #WeWantDivas….but who is having real power……Beth????she is no more than sarita from TNA or sareena from indy….Nat????just coz she from hart family….AJ???I want break The choice and Gay heart’s….or bella or fox or xyz….no way…I can chant kong or ODB…..or even mrs. Taker….

    Well where is tiffiny?

    • TheSeizureComic

      you forgot a name…and probably the name all of us in the IWC want to see.

      • Zack Ryder

        that's what he said, (awesome) "kong"

  • Wendy

    Completely agree about the managerial roles for women though. When the Divas were paired with male superstars, they got way more air time and they could cultivate a personality and role for themselves. To be honest, the only Diva really trying to do that now is Vickie Guerrerro, and personally, even though her character is obnoxious and annoying, I'm really starting to like her and I look forward to when she comes out to the ring. I don't need to see her wrestle, I don't want to see her take her clothes off, I just want to see her participate and that's what she is doing.