Trish Stratus Says Flatulence & Hoeski Gimmicks Are Just Character Development

- Arda Ocal sent in the following:

Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of The Score Television Network had a chance to sit down and interview former 6 time WWE Womens Champion Trish Stratus. In the interview, Stratus does not rule out the possibility of her attending WrestleMania but says "it's not on my calendar at the moment", Also, she talks about her upcoming movie project with Lita and defends Natalya's "flatulence" and Eve's "Hoeski" angles.

Part 1 of the interview is online. Highlights:

SaeQHer new movie release "Bounty Hunters" on DVD, how did she get involved in the project:
"The director/writer Patrick McBrearty, He sat down and wrote a script and said I need a strong female lead for this, so he pictured Trish Stratus in his mind. It landed on my desk, I read the script, and just Trish Stratus just jumped out of the pages to me. Small crew, canadian casting crew, I was excited to support that. Also the fact that I got to do some fighting, got to learn some new fighting art. That was a great oppurtunity to do that"

Having so much on her schedule, the yoga studio, WWE is always on the back of her mind. Where does movies and television fit in, how much does she want to occupy on her schedule

Another movie project on the table with former WWE Diva Amy Dumas ( Lita ), a Lucha Libre Film, her thoughts

Will she be at Wrestlemania 28 in Miami, Florida?
"At this point it's not in my calendar, but things change who knows. Theres alot of very talented women right now that can do an amazing match at Wrestlemania. I hope to see Beth Phenoix doing the pin up strong movements, been amazing to watch. But lets just see what happens, you never know. I just hope there is a Divas match, even if I'm not in it."

Does she ever have the aurge to step in the ring with the Divas that are with WWE now, would she like to ever one day step in the ring with them

What are her thoughts of the WWE divas division now:
"(The Divas division) is just lacking the development we had. Everyone is asking me about Natalya, and Eve, and how controversial the angles are and can you believe that in a negative way, but I look at it in a positive thing. Natalya is doing this flatulence gimmick, and theres the hoeski gimmick for Eve. To me, this is just character development. Everytime there out there, the audience has a chance to connect with them, and get more invested in them as characters and performers"

To watch Part 1 of this interview, including how to win an autographed copy of "Bounty Hunters" click on this link.

  • Guy Landau

    In the last paragraph:
    "Everytime there out there, the audience has a chance to connect with them"
    *They're out there. You'd think The Score (assuming Arda wasn't the one to transcribe it himself) would not make such an obvious error in an official transcription.

  • dmo

    um shes 7 time women champion not 6

  • Mike

    So… Natalya's farting gimmick is a way for us, the WWE Universe (I hate that term) to connect to her… to sympathise with her… to identify with her if you will…
    Vince must think we all have IBS or something!

    If she's willing to go along with it, then fair enough, but it's seriously embarrassing, and I don't just mean for her. It's embarrassing to have to watch it.

    Eve's storyline is fine. Nothing wrong with it. People do use each other for their own ends. It's a reflection of life.
    Well, so's the farting thing… perhaps Vince finally got his hands on a copy of Everyone Poops?

  • Me.

    So, how much is Trish getting paid by WWE to agree with the direction of the Divas division?

    • Mike

      She gets to keep her spot if they ever do another Tough Enough series…

  • Clint

    Trish is right, we need to connect with Natalya with her gas gimmick and Eves Hoeski gimmick, because there is no way we could connect with a woman that is a stong minded and respectable, i mean we live in the Jersey Shore Era( and all the other crap like this) of Tv where they idolize Hoes and stupidity, thank you Trish for showing us the era of our ways, Trish, I have a mother that I respect, she works hard and doesnt dumb herself down to make people happy, its also sad they dont have a counter balance to the stupidity that is the divas division.

  • Zach

    Key words IF there is a divas match at wrestlemania

  • Whammaster

    ThaoShow had a recent interview with her as well, if you dont mind the vulgar and insane commentary from the crew, its actually pretty funny and entertaining.