Troops Overseas Can't Watch WWE, What Happened After Battleground, More On Power Outage, Backlund In Attendance

- Troops of the United States military stationed overseas are unable to follow WWE programming as the Armed Forces Network is out due to the government shutdown. This included Sunday's WWE Battleground pay-per-view and the NFL games.

- After WWE Battleground went off the air, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton received assistance from referees but Bryan ended up hitting a flying knee on Orton.

- When the power outage happened at the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York, there were backup generators that allowed for lights to stay on in the arena but an announcement was made by Brad Maddox they were off the air. The show wasn't sold out and drew an estimated 12,000 fans.  We're told the reaction to the no finish on the main event caused the audience to turn on the show.

- Bob Backlund was at WWE Battleground and was interacting with fans in the concourse prior to the show. Fans could get their photo with him for $30.

  • _JIM_

    Everyone should be allowed to make living, but I think it’s kind of crappy that Backlund was charging $30 for pics with fans at a PPV live event. Especially after they had just shelled out god knows how much for tickets and whatever other merch they bought at the show. I’m sure WWE paid him to be there, and if they did he should have just taken pics with fans. If they didn’t pay him to be there then they probably should start doing that, and pay whatever legend is at their shows enough so that they don’t have to charge fans for things like pics and autographs at a show like this. If I would’ve bought a ticket to be in attendance and then bought merch, like most fans do, along with a pic with Backlund only for the power to go out, and then have to sit through that horrible finish to the main event. I think I would’ve been HIGHLY upset, and it would be a LONG time before I spent another dollar on anything WWE oriented.

    • I would never pay to have my picture taken with someone, just as I would never pay for an autograph. Both seem like a tremendous waste of money. But I’m also the guy that won’t shell out $10 for one beer either. I guess they priced me out;)