Trouble For CM Punk

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Remember our coverage last week about WWE Champion CM Punk pushing the envelope in the steel cage match against Jerry Lawler? Well the one thing that kept any heat off of Punk was the fact there was no definitive proof he used a blade and he could claim he suffered the gash to his head hardway. That was until a new photo of Punk using a blade on last week's broadcast has began making rounds online. Below is the photo:

While Punk is high enough up on the food chain where he will not get the "Abraham Washington treatment," we can confirm Punk was blindsided by the photo surfacing.  The fact that Punk thought he had "pulled one over" was evident in his Tweets last week where he joked about the cut being fake (while showing staples in his head) and kayfabed followers over "paying" a fine issue to referee Charles Robinson.

  • Fernando

    If it's finally proven he bladed, he should be punished one way or another.

  • ryan

    so now that he's been caught, how bad do you think this could be for him? Are we talking a simple fine, or is this something that could cause him to lose the title?

  • Bault16

    It’s not that clear at all to me.

  • Stephen

    Damn thats a perfect picture…. Crazy


    I hope Punk gets what's coming too him from the office. I'm tired of this dude getting a free pass for everytrhing unfer the sun. Punk's ego is getting out of control

    • ericdraven86

      "what he has coming to him"

      He's been a bit boisterous, but that's no different than any wrestler. If this site existed back in the attitude era we would have been reading similar stories about Stone Cold or HBK. Also, if they still put Orton in the main event after how many times he has screwed up, I don't see this being a major issue.

  • PainOfDemise

    They'll just pretend it never happened and moved on. I say, if he wants to put a big gash in his head, let him. I'm sure it can't feel too good having staples in your head.

    • ryan

      I'm with you on that one. I'm slightly biased though, as Punk has become by far my favorite wrestler

  • Charles

    To be honest that’s not all that clear to me. I’m not in favour of blading on any level but I’m worried this might turn into a bit of a witch hunt.

    • ryan

      It wasn't to me either until I clicked on the pic and blew it up…you can really see what looks pretty clearly like a blade if you do that. I'm with you…I think a fine for violating company policy would be appropriate (and more than enough of a penalty), but I'm afraid with Linda's Senate campaign and all this will end up being a much bigger deal than it should be.

    • Stephen

      Thats plain as day, he is definitly blading. My blind great great granfather could see that one..

  • LeftyTosser

    The only person that thinks this is a big deal is VKM. No one else cares about a little "color". After all, this is supposed to be wrestling.

    • Orion


  • Patrick Peralta

    Wiether Punk wanted to blade and have some blood I don't see it as such a big deal…Yeah we know WWE is PG right now and blood is not allowed… but WWE in the 80's was PG and a wrestler did bleed once in a while and back then it didn't happen often but i remember it DID Happen.

    WWE didn't make a issue out of it back then and the Excuse of being PG right now is BS because they were PG back then. even NWA/WCW, WCCW UWF and others were more loose on the rules and did show some blood from time to time.. other then Networks, sponcers and such…

    if they are worried about the kids… they see more blood falling off a bike. the kids are not going to faint.

    • HazMatt23

      Your spelling (or attempt at..) is offensive.

  • havoc525

    If he catches hell for this, it will show even further, the power Super Cena has with the office. How many PPV matches has he had where you clearly saw him lose his blade in the ring, only for the ref to pocket it, with no punishment?


      Your a dummy, What does Cena have too do with Punk violating company policy? And what matches has Cena been blading in recently? Your just another CM Punk fan who talks without thinking.

  • Ranfery25

    I believe That is why he got sent home! No I doubt it but I do believe there doing an angle where Aj Lee is losing control and this is where Lurinitus will come back and be hopefully just an advisor!

    • Simon Veitch

      There are only 2 reasons why Punk "went home" on Raw, the first being to throw off anyone stupid enough to think he'd really left so that his attack on Cena to end the show would be a surprise. And secondly to attempt to get him some heat, remember it was Punk's home town, having the home town hero walk out on his people got him some heat initially so it was good. As for Laurinits, I believe you may be right, although I hope not, but it makes sense sadly.

  • Snoop

    CM Punk can do no wrong in the eyes of managment. That's evident by the way he talks too fans on twitter. He got away with telling fans too kill themselves so he'll easily get away with this.

    • Evon Reese

      CM Punks ego is out of control. Vince will put up with it just so long. When he bladed Cena was out yelling for them to lift the cage and he also said something about Punk going to far. If he doesn't calm down I'm sure The Rock will put him I his place. Remember the saying no one is above the WWE.