Trouble In Paradise, HBO At "Accountability Crib," WWE Champion Titus O'Neil?

Trouble in Paradise

Take a look at Kofi Kingston's finisher, Trouble in Paradise, in a new clip posted here on YouTube. You can also watch it in the video embedded below:

HBO at "Accountability Crib"

HBO Sports was at Diamond Dallas Page's "Accountability Crib" last weekend filming footage. The "Accountability Crib" is located in Atlanta, Georgia and has played an integral part in sobering up Scott Hall and Jake Roberts.

WWE Champion Titus O'Neil?

Titus O'Neil Tweeted a cool photo with a WWE title belt that you can view below:

  • antonio

    I can actually see him as wwe champion one day. Hope it’s in the near future.

  • MyBrokenKnees

    The Belt looks well on him.. One day maybe millions of dollars could come with wearing it!!

    • BIG M

      Long way to go before then but I definitely agree The belt does look very good on him.

  • BlazeKing

    Actually, that pic looks like it eas taken during the WM 29 weekend. Looks like the same store that was in MetLife Stadium.

  • BIG M

    Intelligence is the appreciation of Knowledge.
    My new favourite quote.
    Didn’t know VKM was so well spoken.

    • rzyan


  • Chris

    He’s come a long way from the sloppy work on NXT, he could achieve it sooner than anybody us expect. Also, as bad as the original NXT idea was, we’re seeing it pay off with stars.

    • I will agree that he’s come a long way, but he still has a very long way to go.

      It is interesting to see who’s doing better than who from the first couple seasons of NXT. Wade won, but Bryan (the one who didn’t last past the first Nexus attack) is the one at the top. I know where Superstars are on the card are an ebb and flow, but it’s interesting to see how far certain wrestlers have gone, and possibly could go.

  • Lebron James

    He’s got all the tools to be a future WWE/World Champ. Love his hunger and determination. Keep working hard, Titus!