Troubling Details On Scott Hall's Most Recent Arrest - Booked On Domestic Violence Charges, Heavily Intoxicated

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TMZ has the details on Scott Hall's arrest in Florida on Friday and they aren't pretty.

The celebrity-gossip publication is reporting that Hall was allegedly choking out his girlfriend in a "drunken fit of rage." When police arrived at Hall's residence at around 5 PM EDT Friday evening, Hall's girlfriend, Lisa Howell, informed police he had attacked her.

Lisa told police that Scott had been "drinking for days" when they got into an argument. When she got in her vehicle, he allegedly grabbed her by the throat and tried to pull her out of the driver's seat.

Police confronted Scott who "appeared heavily intoxicated" and had an "unknown white secretion flowing from both sides of his mouth." He denied ever getting violent.

Hall was placed under arrest when police observed several signs of physical injury on Lisa - including red marks around her neck. It required two sets of handcuffs to detain Hall. Scott was so intoxicated the jail refused to book him so he was taken to a nearby hospital where he finally received medical clearance.

After receiving medical clearance, Hall was booked on domestic violence charges, however, Lisa has refused to press charges which has made the future of the case unknown.

  • Double reversing…

    It just can’t continue, the sadness this report brings to the entire Scott Hall family is unmentionable. Hope things would turn around for him, the amount of money that the WWE wellness program has used to help this man and still no response from him.

  • Aldin94

    Wow. Hope he gets help for his drinking problem. And his girlfriend must want him to get help aswell for not pressing charges.

    • G Ilyas

      He did get help on numerous occasions, and the WWE has been one of the major contributors. The only person who can seem to be able to help Scott Hall is himself. I am still hoping that he finally let it go one day, but after all these years I am losing hope.

  • Alex P

    I try to be optimistic and pray that this man gets better…but the longer he waits to get on track, the worse the ending to his story is going to turn out. It's simply a tragedy to see how far this man has fallen.

  • Fernando

    I've said it before and I say it again: Scott Hall is a lost case.

    • PainOfDemise

      I have to agree with you. It's been going on far too long and with no change. Even with people trying to help him and WWE paying for treatment.

    • ZDF

      I must agree. As sad as it may be to say, Scott Hall will not live much longer.

    • tone

      Yea he is beyond help

  • Jitters84

    He’s too far gone.. It’s sad too.. But wwe will still shell out more money to send him to another rehab.. And it will happen over and over again..

  • gpturbo81

    "unknown white secretion" maybe he's really thirsty, or rabies

  • Maxx Stylez

    Sad news for Scott. BTW Where do I go to report that another website is copying and pasting your stories?

  • Russell

    Everybody talks trash on Scott Hall. I turn to the Bible for this God will forget and forgive and so should we and me well i'm way far from perfect man and so is every other human being. I understand that he's made mistakes,I've make barrel fills of mistakes everyday, and I no every other human does. None have room talk trash on Hall or any other celebrity or others for that matter. Including myself, I judge everyday. The truth is I pray several times a day to The Father,The Son,and The Holy Ghost and Mr.Hall we love you man so let's try to be positive I'm not mostly but prayers and love to you man and compassion are Father is compassionate to us. I'm not here to judge that's not my job nor should it be.

    • Russell


  • John

    This is going to sound extremely cold but sometimes I wish God would put Hall outta his misery because after reading this hes obviously a danger to himself and to others! One of these days he’s gonna kill somebody! I feel terrible for anybody associated with Scott Hall, think of the embarrassment!

    • Kleck

      Hall will drink Hall to death. The man is dying a slow painful death that hurts so many others than just himself

  • Russell

    Many talks trash on Scott Hall. I turn to the Bible for this God will forget and forgive and so should we and me well i'm way far from perfect man and so is every other human being. I understand that he's made mistakes,I've make barrel fills of mistakes everyday but I pray a lot and so should we but not just for Scott or celebrities for everyday people with problems like sick people,among others. You and me shouldn't judge each others till our end of our live we will sin but I pray to be forgiven many times a day and for others and situations so let's try to show love like God,Jesus,and the Holy spirit Amen!

    • kevin

      God help me

  • Robert olley

    Someone needs to help him find the root of his problems my heart sinks every time I read about Scott hall now. Wwe sent him to rehab and he’s thrown it all away.

  • Dig Baddy

    He clearly doesn't want help. Just let him drink himself to death and be done with it. Harsh but the truth hurts!

  • matt

    Scott Hall is beyond saving, doesn't want to change or is incapable of it

  • Russell

    Anyone can turn around with the power of God,Jesus,and Holy Spirit

  • Al

    might as well not even hope for him to get better, this guy is just a major f*** up.

  • Russell

    This really makes me mad everybody deserves a second chance I'm not here 2 judge as I said above but why are you peopl bashing on Scott Hall. Yeah I've watched his Espn documentary,yeah I realize he's had a troubling past. Yeah I know he's wasted rehab. But look at people like Charlie Sheen who've turned there lives around. Many NFL players have had troubled pasts they've turned there lives around. Athletes,actors,musicians,and quite frankly many everyday people. I believe in Hall call many harsh word u can come up with but I believe in Hall and everyone else can beat there addictions with the power of Christ and as Christian brethren we should love and support each other if u people will give him some support he might be encouraged 2 turn his life around just think about it he needs support right now not bashfullniss.

    • Bouchard

      Charlie Sheen? lol

    • Anthony

      Scott Hall has had an 8th, 9th, and 10th chance. The truth is that he likes the drugs and he has said so publicly. Also, Charlie Sheen is OUT OF CONTROL! Sheen doesn't have a tv show anymore because of his behavior.

  • Mike

    I just said a prayer for Scott Hall. That is all that can be done for him.

    • Russell

      That good he needs support.

  • Kevin

    It's a shame that he's allowed himself to get this bad. The guy had a great career, with a good paycheck. I haven't seen his documentary, but now that I know there is one, I'll be looking for it. I just hope he gets the help he needs. Rehab obviously didn't work; perhaps there's another avenue he could take to clear his head and get his life back on track before the next headline reads: "Scott Hall found dead from apparent suicide".

  • Mitch D

    Every time I read one of these Scott Hall incidents it really saddens me. His girlfriend is not helping him by not pressing charges. He should face the consequences of his actions just like everyone else. Only then will he possibly begin to change. The catch is, he has to want to change and only he can decide that. Without change, he will without a doubt, die.

    Live of die, Scott. What's it going to be? Your fans and friends are with you and there are more of us than you realize. Personally, I hope you choose to live. Live and show the world and yourself the champion that you are. My addiction almost killed me. Then I chose to live. It was the hardest thing I ever did. But I did it and so can you.