Tuesday Afternoon Update On Jesse Sorensen; Ken Anderson Selling New T-Shirts

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- Jesse Sorensen remains in serious condition but doctors are optimistic about his long-term prognosis. There have been rumblings he is expected to make a full recovery, however, I have been unable to confirm that through my sources. Dixie Carter paid to have Sorensen's mother flown to Orlando, Florida to be with her son.

- On a much lighter note, Ken Anderson is selling three new t-shirts at his new website that is awaiting launch at this link.

  • Chris_Storm

    Selling his own T-Shirts? What's next? Selling them himself at events because TNA management isn't marketting him? This has to indicate that he's on his way out, which is completely fine with me.

  • Jashaun

    I wonder if Vince M would pay for someone to be flown somewere

  • jdl

    Good for Anderson, he has to do something, what to supplement the income he isn't getting from TNA.

  • eric

    dude if any thing jesse god bless