Impact Audience Increases For TNA Turning Point

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This week's Turning Point themed episode of Impact Wrestling did an average viewing audience of 1,190,000 viewers on Spike TV.

The show ended up with a 0.96 cable rating.

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  • Paul

    In comes Hogan and Bischoff and down goes the ratings…
    Out goes Hogan and Bischoff and up goes the ratings!
    Magic eh Dixie?

  • Michael Torres

    If it’s magic that tna and Dixie carter are looking for, it’s magic they will get from crowds that attend the shows. It won’t matter if they’re in Orlando or on the road somewhere.

  • Scott Davies

    I thought turning point was the best show. TNA has put on in years. Besides the stupid Joesph Park segment. Really good show & I like TNA’s approach to their mainevents. They built James Strom v Bobby Roofe up at the start of the show & just before that match. Built the Mainevent up. But before the match. Promoted next weeks Mainevent. TNA felt like a old school southern wrestling show with some modern twists. While TNA won’t get huge ratings in the short run. They will in the long run. TNA has done a good job in slowly turning things around.