Twitter Prankster Draws The Attention Of Top WWE Officials - Bizarre Story Has Stephanie McMahon Worried About Vince McMahon's Safety & Looking To Fire A Current WWE Employee

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There is concern amongst WWE officials regarding a Twitter account operating under the name "CrankyVince." The account holder posts in-character Tweets as Vince McMahon in an attempt to parody him. While things like this are to be expected, the account holder has actually gotten so personal it has some people in the company worried. Vince is said to be "more confused than anything else" but Stephanie is startled by the whole thing.

I'm told there have been "numerous occasions" where the things posted by "CrankyVince" have been very accurate as to what Vince McMahon is either doing right then or has done recently. There have also been Tweets by "CrankyVince" that have been very personal in nature. Stephanie is concerned her father has a stalker although Vince has tried his best to laugh it off. The Twitter account has been mentioned in recent executive meetings and the company has been trying to figure out who it is for the last several weeks.

At this point, they are convinced it's someone in the office but have not been able to pinpoint the culprit. It's been a major topic of discussion amongst office employees as well as people trying to figure out who is behind "CrankyVince." Stephanie McMahon has already put the word out that if they find out who is doing it, the person will be fired immediately. Some in the office think people there would be too scared to pull a stunt like this and feel it's one of the wrestlers who wouldn't be as scared.

The account has provided many with laughs but there has actually been a lot of time spent worrying about it. The concern has grown as it's become clear that "CrankyVince" is very plugged into what Vince is doing, revealing things meant to be private.

As of this writing, the account continues to function without limits.

  • @RatedMKD

    Wow, I didn't realise that Cranky Vince had some degree of accuracy… I follow that account. It's very vulgar, but often quite funny. I never thought of it as anything along the lines of a Vince stalker.

    • wnwdotcom2

      I wasn't even aware of the account until this story walked onto my desk early this morning. Very weird.

      • Renny

        I've read the account from time to time- while some things are vulgar, it's made me laugh more times than not.

        What now makes me wonder is: Are Steph & WWE officials more worried that it's possibly a employee, or this is how Vince is thought of and perceived by someone and that some of the stuff written almost hits way to close to home as to what Vince would actually say?
        (Like a rumor that later on turns out to be real.)

    • JakShowtime

      Agreed on all counts.

  • sforester

    They're parody accounts so they won't get touched unless it really is a WWE employee and their job is up for grabs. There's one on Linda too (SenatorLinda).

    • wnwdotcom2

      That's why WWE hasn't been able to bully their way in and shut the account down.

      • sforester

        Of course with Twitter, for every legit celeb Twitter there are at least 10 fakes, which makes it even harder to track

  • Philip

    Three possibiliies spring to mind:

    1) This is all part of a storyline – to be revealed.
    2) It's a wrestler who is trying to be 'creative' and get themselves involved in storyline somehow.
    3) It's actually Vince McMahon

    • lee

      In regard to you suggesting this may be Vince himself. I thought that too but if it indeed is i dont think he would use the vulgarity he has been using..PG show and Linda running for senate all makes me think if it was actually Vince i think their would be less bad language used. On the other end weird that Stephanie Mcmahon would bring it to the people's attention by mentioning Crankyvince at all?? That would mean that 1000's of people including myself are now following this tool to see what he says next.

  • izblack

    Crankyvince is Shane McMahon. It’s part of a storyline, Shane will return to the WWE then buy out TNA too start Invasion Angle Part. 2