Twitter Reaction From Saturday Night's TNA Live Event Featuring 8 Workers In 5 Matches

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Below is some Twitter reaction from Saturday night's TNA live event in Cape Girardeau, Missouri which saw only eight workers compete in five matches due to licensing issues with the State Athletic Commission:

  • markbyrn

    How can he say the fans didn’t get screwed unless you agree that Chris Sabin is a dubious TNA champion that nobody came to see? Shouldn’t it be sad to think the fans got a better card sans Sabin, Bischoff, and Briscoe? In any event, TNA screwed up (maybe because they let office staff go like D’Lo Brown) and blaming it on the State Athletic Commission doesn’t cut it.

    • Stephen

      I was going to say the same thing about the fans being screwed. How were they not? They came to see the TNA and TNA is not just 6 wrestlers. I can almost guarantee that a lot of those fans didn’t get to see who the wanted to the most because of that debacle .

      • Mark

        I think if I’m reading these right those tweets were sarcastic, I’m sure they disagree with it as much as everyone else.

  • Robert Olley

    I would say the people that paid $65 to get vip treatment got screwed when they said everybody would get it for free plus how can they not know their champ hasnt got a wrestling licence

  • Nostaljack

    Jesse: TNA should have known this well before they got there and alerted the fans before the show. How very indie of them…

    • Jesse Sherwood

      MO requires an on site physical evaluation of talent. Thus why it was a day of issue. I went through this issue myself in 2004 with them. I can’t say I am surprised at it happening, but TNA did handle it incorrectly as well.