Twitter War Breaks Out Between Vickie Guerrero & Karen Jarrett

Vickie Guerrero and Karen Jarrett have engaged in a Twitter war and while I normally do not find Tweets particularly newsworthy, it's Friday and news is winding down for the week. The whole thing started when Vickie Re-Tweeted one of her followers last night that wrote:

RT @KarenJarrett = @ExcuseMeWWE #TNAAwful.

Without responding, Karen Re-Tweeted one of her follows that wrote:

RT @ExcuseMeWWE How is @karenjarrett copying you when she was on tv way befoe you ever was.

Karen then wrote Oh these twitter games....... and Funny 2 me...2 people retweet 2 tweets & look at all the attention! LOL.

The follower that Karen Re-Tweeted is actually wrong about Karen on TV before Vickie as Vickie debuted on WWE television in 2005 while Karen didn't debut on TNA TV until 2007.  Nonetheless it looks like we have a program if either woman decides to jump ship.

  • Abe

    karen is the scum of the universe and has no business on tv anymore, they did the angle with….well….angle, and that should have been that, vicki at least is entertaining and doesnt make the crowd hate her, they just "hate" her, meanwhile, me and just about all of my friend who watch wrestling actually hate karen

    • Khalkaroth

      Its actually her job to make people hate her. If you really find her horrible in what she do, then just stop giving her attention by not reacting to anything she do.

      • Blazeking

        They hate her for reasons besides kayfabe. I cringe every time she gets on screen and ruins a segment with her monotone voice. Every time she comes up on the screen, my remote clicks like Kevin Nash's knees. Listening to her scream at the top of her lungs week after week is not entertaining. Vickie is a woman you love to hate because there's no doubt she learned from Eddie. Karen Jarrett is a person you just hate regardless; just like Jeff.

        Speaking of Jeff… anybody notice the irony of his beef with Jeff over "one last chance"? Didn't Jarrett himself get one last chance?! I still don't think he should be in a TNA ring after what he did.

        • xjcms

          ya jeff sucks karen is a good heel and karen was married to kurt one of the best heel on wwe so karent learned from kurt angle the best wrestler ever to lace them up.

    • Van

      I wouldn't call Karen scum since I'm sure she's a nice person in real life,but yes she doesn't belong on tv anymor. the knockout's division hasn't been the same since she's became in charge of them.I hope with the way they're having Tara,Winter,Velvet,Brooke,Angelina & Madison being treated these past two weeks(although they're having Madison love it),it'll be a way of writing her off the show by finding a way to get her out of power.then things will be better for them again

    • Whammaster

      this is true, because you get a genuine disgust with Karen because of her past actions, and storyline fueds that were just … horrible. Where Vickie, we all know we are suppose to hate her on T.V, however she makes us want to hate her. <— thats a heel. Vickie could turn face if she wanted to, and we would all cheer, because her persona allows that. if Karen attempts to turn face, i dont think she would get a similar reaction.

      Also i think the re-tweet Karen did, means she was on TV regardless of what program she debut for, so to be accurate, we would need to know what year she showed up (if she even did) for WWE.

      • Matt Scott

        Karen debuted her character in 2007. Her previous appearances won’t mean anything, as she wasn’t a tv character then.

  • stoney

    From what I hear Vickie is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet outside the ring while Karen is a real Catch U Next Tuesday

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Vickie has the " love to Hate" type Heat..

    Karen has go away heat.

  • LeftyTosser

    Let's face it, neither one needs to be on TV. They both stink on mic skills and neither is exactly eye candy when compared to the rest of the rosters. TNA appears to be heading down the same road on divas that WWE has followed. Soon the divas will not ever wrestle and just prance around the set like models at a car show.

  • Ellen

    Hit the mute button, that's the only way to get away from those two women. They both belong in a black hole.

  • gbdb

    vickie gets huge heat while karen actually gets hate people like to boo vickie they don't even want to see double j's
    horse faced hosebag of a wife

  • Terra Ryzing

    Honestly, I think they both generate go away heat. Karen especially…

  • Don

    Well, to be honest, Vickie is very good on the mic, now. Her skills have improved and she gets more heat then Cena almost, sometimes. She knows how to work the crowd.

  • Clint

    both women are annoying, but the difference between the two is, karen left kurt and a lot of fans of kurt hated her for that, and vickie never left eddie and when he died they all had pity for her, and even though you dont like her you want to keep her around because she was married to eddie, I dont like the woman because she uses eddies name for her own purposes, its a shallow act and I dont like karen because she is ruining womens wrestling at least vickie knows to stay out of it(of course that division over there is already screwed)

  • Andy

    Bottom line…..dont f*** with a guerrero

  • AlanP

    Wasn't Vickie a SD GM before Karen was ever on TV?

  • Daniel

    Vickie is the top heel in WWE right now. I still remember her live during a show. It doesn’t matter… you CANNOT hear her saying excuse me to the crowd. The crowd is that loud booing her.

    • Alex

      Actually, I think Micheal Cole is the top heel in WWE right now.

  • sayittomyface

    aye man i know its wrestling/entertainment and all but lets not forget that Vickie is/was Eddie's wife. To be honest im not a big fan of her roll and act but im happy everytime i see her on tv. Im happy for her and im glad wwe respects her and doesnt fire her or nothing

  • Ilyas Omar

    Those 2 women are stupid.First their friends, now their having a tweet fight.That's just insane!Vote up if you agree,if you don't vote down.

  • Alex

    To be honest, both women are annoying. However, you Vicki could possibly be a nice person in real life away from her character. From what other wrestlers have said over the years, Karen is not a nice person at all. So if I had to pick one to root for, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd root for Vicki.

    As for either of them jumping ship, I don't see that ever happening. Vicki gets special attention in the WWE cause of who her husband is. Attention that TNA won't give her. VKM does not like Karen as it's widely known that the beef she had with Vince is the main reason Kurt left WWE in the first place so I can't see WWE ever welcoming Karen back with open arms for no other reason, save for maybe he can brag about the owner of TNA's wife is with the WWE which I don't see happening.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    LOL. Imagine the actual fights between these two. "Excuse Me/Pkaw! oh Big Daddy" and all that. Would probably be a better if not funnier match than those typical Kelly Kelly/Velvet Sky catfights…… hmmm wait. On second thought……

    • Alex

      If this two ever fault it would be the next Jenna Morasca vs Sharmel and all remember how that went.

  • Victor

    Karen Angle is a SLUT!!! Vickie is at least funny sometimes everybody knows WWE is waaaaay better than faggot ass TNA FUCK TNA

  • vickie's lover

    vickie 🙂

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