Two More Former Main Event WWE Stars Exploring Possible Returns To The Company - Who They Are, How Brock Lesnar Forced Both To The Backburner, Backstage News On The Next Major Return

Lost in all of the Brock Lesnar news over Wrestlemania weekend, there are two other former WWE main eventers putting out feelers and exploring possible returns.

The first is Batista who I'm told has expressed "some interest" in returning to WWE but Vince McMahon has been so wrapped up in signing Lesnar, Batista hasn't been considered a top priority. One observer says some fear this could bruise his ego and cause him to lose interest. Batista was in Miami over the weekend to compete in a triathlon for charity but as far as I know he did not meet with WWE officials about a return.

The second guy looking to return to WWE is Bobby Lashley. Lashley put the word out late last year he would be opening to returning but so far has generated little interest.

Out of the two, I'm told there is more invest in Batista than Lashley. Now that Lesnar is signed, these are two names that WWE could pursue for future returns.

  • PainOfDemise

    If they plan on coming back full time, they should pursue it ASAP. Need to add some more spice to this mix.

  • Hitman310

    Batista would come first and then if needed bobby lashley

  • dex

    please, neither of them.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    figures they never learn

  • Orion

    Lesnar vs Batista???

  • Mark

    I was at Red & Jerry's here in Denver to watch Wrestlemania and Lashley was there signing autographs and taking pictures. I met him once before and he remembered me and came and talked to me for a little bit and mentioned he was hoping to return.

  • Geezer

    I would prefer Lashley than Batista.

  • Nails

    I could care less about Lashley. I never was a hues Batista fan, but he's ok and I don't mind having him around. Now that Brock is back it might be cool to have Batista in the company again.

  • buddah5050

    Bring back Morrison and RVD instead!

  • leonard

    I would rather see Bobby Lashley return over Batista.

  • wwefanatic

    I’m all for Batista as long as he comes back with that gimmick he left with

  • Sean512

    Brock didn’t even look good. He looks like he got fat n flubby like he stopped juicing….

    I feel bad for cena If they make him lose to lesner they way the did the rock. Cena is the face of the wwe and to make him lose to a part timer or possibly 2 now is just not good biZ

    • Sean512

      I mean seriously, can u see randy orton letting rock go over in wm without crying about it???

  • proud

    The only reason to bring Batista back would be so the old fella can put over younger talent… He will still bore me but he may earn his paycheque

  • Jamie

    I think they should just bring back as many talented invdividuals as they can, invest more into the tag division