Two More Members Announced For "Team Johnny" At Wrestlemania XXVIII

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Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger were added to "Team Johnny" for the 12-man tag team match at Wrestlemania XXVIII to determine control of the brands.

Already announced for "Team Johnny" are team captain David Otunga, Christian and Mark Henry.

So far, Santino Marella (as captain), R-Truth and Kofi Kingston have been announced for "Team Teddy."

In storyline, the winning team will gain the General Manager they represent control of both brands.

  • RileyFan

    If Alex Riley and Drew McIntyre don't end up on their respective brands, I am gonna be pissed.

  • AJG316

    Future announcees=ADR for team Johnny, Rey mysterio, zack Ryder and (hopefully) brodus clay for team teddy

    • H.M.

      Makes about sense. Maybe have Miz instead of Clay for Team Teddy. I wonder if McIntyre will take the 6th spot instead of Del Rio.

      • Mike

        Agreed. The Miz has done a lot more than Clay to warrant a spot on WM. So far all Brodus has done is squash matches. Other than the mildly amusing dancing, and his two delightful companions, he's nothing to offer WM so far. Maybe next year.

        • Wes Branscum

          Agree clay has not earned a spot at wm this year, there are other guys if they get desperate that deserve it before clay, Gabreil comes to mind or even if you were desperate huncio, still massive mistake to unmask him but that’s a different rant.

  • Hunter

    Ziggler deserves a singles match


    Hopefully for Team Teddy it can be Sin Cara,Rey Mysterio,and the Great Khali:-}