Two New Main Event Mafia Members Revealed *Spoilers*

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While there was some confusion in the taping results, both Magnus and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson have joined the Main Event Mafia. The faction now consists of Sting, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Magnus and Rampage.

Magnus joins on this week's episode of Impact Wrestling, while Rampage joins on July 11.

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  • Batman

    Haha. Magnus? “Main Event”?

  • Chris

    Who’s Magnus???

  • steve pritchard

    I mean really ! Leave it to tna to destroy somthing good they had with aces and 8s and bring back another faction that wasn’t all that successful to bury aces and 8s! Sting needs get out of tna and face taker at mania! This company is a joke bottom line! Just lost what little faith I had in them!

  • Nostaljack

    And with that, TNA has taken something that maybe could have been interesting and screwed it up totally. The first MEM was interesting. This is the sequel no one asked for. The original Police Academy was funny. This is like Police Academy 6. Rampage? Really? He’s only been around for about 2 seconds and he’s already considered “main event”? LOL!! Nice, TNA…very nice.

  • Boom

    This MEM story line has me boggled… They are just taking the same guys who have been battling the ace’s and 8’s for the past few months and putting them in fancy suits.
    The only thing different from the past couple of months is the fact they now wear suits. Are the suits like super hero suits or something? Because they haven’t managed to get rid of the A’s and 8’s before what difference does it make if they wear a suit?!

  • LBP365

    So Magnus india world title count then anyone who play fantasy wrestling and been world champion can be a member