Two Top Main Event TNA Stars Looking To Head To WWE When Their TNA Contracts Are Up; Why Triple H Might Pose A Road Block To Their Plans, Details On A Recently Released TNA Star That WWE Is Interested In & What TNA Is Trying To Do To Restore Their Tag Division

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There has been some talk within TNA Impact Wrestling about reuniting Devon and Bully Ray to re-form Team 3D, however, the duo is resisting the move.

One insider with knowledge of their situation tells me under the condition of anonymity the two are still hopeful of one final run in WWE when their contracts with TNA expire. Apparently the two want to delay any possible reformation of their tag team in hopes of landing WWE contracts and reforming there for one final run. While the return of The Dudley Boys in WWE may sound attractive, they are not in a good position to negotiate a return as Triple H has historically not been fond of them.

WWE is reportedly considering signing one of their former students and the recently TNA-departed Jesse Neal to a contract. My source feels Neal is much more likely to land a deal than either Devon or Bully Ray.

Regardless, Devon and Bully Ray seem to think they can get another run in WWE and their plan is to stay separate for along as possible (hopefully until their deals are up) and then try to get one last run with WWE as a tag team.

  • Jason

    Vince will over-rule H and sign them. Bringing them back to the WWE would be a sure thing to raise ratings!

    • sforester

      I disagree. The Dudleyz, as a gimmick, would absolutely fail in a PG setting. Dunking women through tables and pulling out a can of ass cream is NOT PG. Devon and Bully Ray have done wonderfully as singles competitors, and it would be unfair to toss them back into a tag team just for the sake of nostalgia.

      • Robert

        I had forgotten all about the ass cream. That was some funny stuff.

  • BollyMexCPhT

    It would be nice to see them in WWE for a little bit just for the nostalgia. Good luck to them….there gonna need it.

  • XKonn247

    Top main event names?

    • @RatedMKD

      I thought that too, although to be fair, Bully Ray was the runner-up in the Bound For Glory series, which Devon didn't do too bad in himself. It's debatable, but a case can be made for it!

    • urnemystic

      haha thats the question i had when i read the article

    • LeftyTosser

      Love them as workers but they haven't been main eventers since ECW. Nice hook on the headline though. Got me to check it out.

  • lbp365

    Go ahead and let Devon, Bullyray, RVD, and Chris D go so you can focus on talent such as John Morrison, Chris Masters,Bobby Rhoode,and Gunner.

    • lbp365

      And create wars as Chris Master vs Scott stinier keep James and Kurt. A war as the old Dusty and Flair battles and have Flair manage Rhoode, Morrison,(his girlfriend too), Chris Masters, and Gunner the real Fourtune.

      • XKonn247

        Ermmmm John Morrison nor his “girlfriend” (can only guess you mean Melina?) have signed to TNA

      • Chris


  • Eggtrocious

    So what is TNA trying to do to restore their tag division?

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I agree about one thing no matter how HHH feels about the Dudley Boys. If Vince wants them back then he will over rule HHH, Vince is still in charge at the moment.

  • hurrigame

    For a minute there, I thought you said TOP guys? Then, I realized it was the Dudley Boyz. If their WWE return happens, and I do mean IF, then we'll probably get the same we got last time. Dudleyz win some, get the tag belts, lose them in screwy fashion, Bubba blames D-von, Dudleyz break up, Bubba becomes an upper midcarder who specializes in the Bubba Bomb, and D-Von becomes some new type of quasi-minister. Guess he can use Brodus Clay as his new change collector?

  • snuggle

    I think that the dudleys returning would be great for the tag team division in wwe which is in serious need of some help and saving. Yi the dudley boys again as the vet team bring in those kor guys, mix primo and epico along with the usos and air boom reform husky and henning and sign a few more tag teams and that division becomes important again like it was in the eighties and nineties and early thousands. I also vote to restore the cruiserweight division they already have bourne, sin cara, hunico sign about twenty more guys like petey williams and make it happen.