Ty Bailey Gone From WWE

WWE executive Ty Bailey has been released from his contract. Bailey worked in Talent Relations under John Laurinaitis.

Bailey joined WWE in 2005 and had worked in the National Football League. His duties in WWE included overseeing the developmental system and booking extras for television tapings.

  • Sam The Man

    I take the job.

    • Brick

      you better learn how to use proper grammer first.

      • JJWade

        Give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he is speaking in the present tense. As in he is in the act of taking the job. 😉

      • Razmos01

        Why is grammer such a crime? The fact u take the time to try and run this guy down for it is sad, id suggest a hobby, maybe u could be a grammer teacher?

        • Mike

          Why is grammar such a crime?
          In truth, it isn't. The butchery of it is, however, because it makes it rather difficult for someone to understand the point you're trying to make when they have to try and decipher whatever acronyms and txtspks and speeling mistaeks you've added (see what I did there?)
          It's disrespectful to everyone who has to try and read forum comments with piss poor grammar and spelling, since you ask. I'd say it's lazy, but I've always found it takes more effort to use poor grammar and spelling.
          Strange. I hope it answered your question though.

        • Master_Bateman

          Let me fix your statement:

          Why is GRAMMAR such a crime? The fact YOU take the time to try and run this guy (you're probably the same guy anyways) down for it is sad. (Period) I'd suggest a hobby; maybe YOU could be a GRAMMAR teacher.(No question mark).

          • Razmos01

            Yeah im dislexic so thanks for that, the fact u took the time out to write out that lame comment about how its disrespectful to others?? People are who they are, they will write and spell how they want to, they dont need the GRAMMAR police to jump in as if they have broke the law, what did The Rock say about grown men John Cena fans being 42 year old virgins, i think we have just found a few!!

  • Matt

    Good idea, seems as though you need teaching too.