Tyler Reks Now A WWE Alum?

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Tyler Reks' roster profile has been moved to the Alumni section on the official WWE website. In addition, his Twitter account has been moved from the "Superstars" list to the "Alumni" list managed by the official WWE Twitter account.

WrestlingNewsWorld.com will have more details on this story as it develops.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader @BigBadBroski for sending this to our Twitter account @wnwnews.

  • WyFo

    Wow. Smart move WWE! (Sarcasm Rocks!)

  • PainOfDemise

    Hopefully this is a mistake. He had a lot of potential that they never took advantage of.

  • Kerri

    You know, I wonder if there is any actual real communication between people in the WWE office who make these decisions, and those who work on the WWE site. This isn't the first time something about a superstar was removed/changed on the site before an official announcement was made. It just makes the company as a whole look kinda clueless sometimes.

  • chelu671

    This better be a screw up on somebody's part on dot com. Tyler Reks has that something special, but has yet to break out. I think they should've never repackaged him away from the "Dreadlock Demolition Man" gimmick he had last year. He was seen as a dominant force & future star. Unfortunately, since he was barely featured on the mic & didn't show much in moveset, the push gradually decreased after Survivor Series. Now he reminds me of that Surfer gimmick he had when he debuted on WWE's ECW brand back in 2009. I really want to see where that "Magic Mike" gimmick from last week's Smackdown was going to go with Curt Hawkins…

  • ceedot

    Ooo wellness violation from Monday?

  • Kanewty

    according to his twitter, he asked for his release so he could be a full time dad to his daughter…Gotta respect him for that

  • CJ

    It’s official he has retired to spend time with family.

  • Freebleeder

    He asked for his release because he wants to spend time with his baby daughter. He explains it on his twitter

  • Dave Barton

    I admire his choice to "go home" but does everyone who performed for WWE get an Alum page? Its not like Reks ever did anything even remotely significant in WWE (although I thought he had a great look).

  • The Dude

    Even though they received minimal air time, I really enjoyed the team of Hawkins and Reks. I hope Hawkins gets a decent singles run.

  • Jamie

    Thats a shame i think Reks had a great look, probably would have made a great heel.