Tyler Reks Unhappy With WWE's Plans For Animated Series

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Tyler Reks isn't thrilled about WWE's plans for a new animated series. Reks, who left the company last year, said his Midcard Mafia animated series nearly cost him his job.

The following comments were made on Twitter:

I almost get fired 4 an "irreverent" cartoon & @WWE decides 2 make their own? Hope Mark Henry doesn't cry about it

Kinda makes me wanna release the 2 episodes of #MidCardMafia season 2 that I have sitting here....

  • Nostaljack

    “Hope Mark Henry doesn’t cry about it”

    Kinda like you’re doing now, right?

  • winnipeg

    Why would Mark Henry cry about it?

  • Rus

    whats this #MidCardMafia sounds interesting lol