Tyson Kidd Ahead Of Schedule, Zack Ryder's WM29 Weekend Schedule

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- Tyson Kidd, who is currently out with a knee injury, wrote the following on Twitter:

- Zack Ryder published his Wrestlemania Axxess schedule on Twitter. You can view it below:

  • Kenneth

    Zack Ryder’s full and detailed WM day schedule:

    Wake up; whine about his spot; sh*t, shower, shave, and spike; whine about his spot; go WOO WOO WOO; whine about his spot; more whining; whine on Twitter and Facebook; film somethng whiny for WWE; lunch (cheese with whine); go sulk for a bit; whine; sign some autographs while forcing a smile; rinse and repeat frequently (making sure to respike afterwards); watch Wrestlemania while quietly whining about his spot to anyone who’s still listening to him; slope off to his hotel room while still whining; look at himself in the mirror and utter a sad little WOO WOO WOO while a single tear runs down his frowning face; hit the sack; contemplate suicide; weep and sleep.

    • Nostaljack

      Take out everything except “whine and sulk” and you’ve got it.