Tyson Kidd Discusses His Role As The Underdog In Sunday's Money In The Bank Ladder Match, Stepping Out From Under The Shadow Of The Harts, More

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The official WWE website has a new article with quotes from Tyson Kidd. In the article, he discusses the upcoming World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match, being considered an underdog, his WWE career so far, and more.

In the following excerpt, Kidd responds to Michael Cole's recent comment that Kidd's best bet to making it to the next level is to distance himself from the Hart legacy:

“It hit home a bit with me,” Kidd said thoughtfully when asked about Cole’s comments. While he’d never go so far as to abandon the heritage that he obviously holds dear to his heart (“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the Hart family. That’s a guarantee”), he did find truth in the two-time Slammy winner’s comments. “Now’s the time where there’s a little bit of spotlight on me at the moment. … This is the moment where it’s not about me being a Hart or affiliated with the Harts, it’s about me having my own personality and being my own self.

“Maybe it’s not so much a disassociation as a next chapter,” Kidd continued. “You know, if you read a book, once you get to chapter five and stuff starts stepping up, it doesn’t mean chapters one to four didn’t happen. They happened, but now we’re on the next chapter, and that’s how I’d like to be perceived.

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  • Voice of Wrestling

    Tyson Kidd next WHC

    • Craigscool88

      We can only hope then we mite have a real Whc worth cheering for much better than cenation but even if he wins wwe won’t put the stap on him coz it’s all bout money not talent I hope he gets the belt but its more Lilly gonna be dolf or Cody who win

      • Ace Vivif

        And dolph or Cody winning is a bad thing?

        • Wwefan4eva

          Yes. They are horrible.

        • Marc

          No, any of those 3 should win

  • unknown

    hopefully this will be Tyson Kidd's chance to shine and show WWE management that he is worthy of a push and he gets it

  • Stoneman

    I wanna see Dolph or Cody win MITB. They have been the work horses and go-to guys for the past couple of years. Tyson is up-and-coming and will be something to watch in the future.