Tyson Kidd In WWE, Why Chris Jericho Could Not Have Been Booked Better, 2012 WWE Draft Moves, Resentment For The Rock

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I've always been a big fan of Tyson Kidd and have been following him ever since he debuted in the WWE. He's great in the ring and not as bad on the mic as most seem to think. Personally I would love to see him get a well deserved push, possibly challenging Cody Rhodes for the title sometime down the line leading to a final match at SummerSlam which I know would be a great match. What are your thoughts on Kidd and do you think something like this could happen?

Tyson Kidd is currently working in the lower card in WWE and whether or not he ends up challenging someone like Cody Rhodes depends on whether or not the company decides to push him. As I discussed in yesterday's Ask WNW, this is a really bad time for lower card talents because WWE is completely focused on the build to Wrestlemania. There are going to be some spots open up after the company returns from their post-Wrestlemania overseas tour next month. Kidd is like so many others in that he will have to compete for one of the few spots that will bring a push to remain relevant. While I agree he is talented, he may have to avoid possible post-Wrestlemania roster cuts to get the push you want him to have.

I understand he CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho match obviously has to take a back seat to The Rock vs. John Cena and Triple H vs. The Undertaker but I'm surprised by the degree with how little emphasis is on the match. There was so much anticipation for the return of Jericho but since his return he hasn't been booked as a world-beater. In retrospect, do you think Jericho should have won the Rumble, even though it was the obvious choice?

I disagree. I feel like Chris Jericho has been booked well since his return and what more could a Chris Jericho fan ask for? He's challenging for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania and they kept his heel persona (avoiding the dreadful over-the-top babyface Jericho). Outside of The Rock vs. John Cena and Triple H vs. The Undertaker, this is the third main event on the card. As you noted, Jericho vs. Punk obviously has to take a backseat to these two aforementioned bouts, but other than that we've seen entertaining mic work that will lead to a Wrestlemania dream match. Jericho wasn't hurt by not winning the Royal Rumble because he's challenging for the WWE Championship regardless. Sometimes I say Internet fans can be impossible to please and this seems like one of those situations. There is literally nothing WWE can do to highlight him any better.

With the fact that there will be only one GM after Wrestlemania, do you see the WWE Draft being less important this year or even a possibility of the brand extension ending?

The 2012 WWE Draft is expected to be just as important as the drafts of years past. There has been no talk of the brand extension ending as I haven't heard the rumblings regarding brand unification that were prevalent the last couple of years. WWE has been pleased with the ratings Smackdown has been doing and I have to believe some of that is attributed to the fact that Raw now features talent from both brands and there is a carry-over in the ratings. I expect this to be tested when names swap brands later this spring.

How many arena's, PPV's and tickets has Hornswoggle sold? This guy should be glad he has a job and he's shooting on The Rock? Rock shows up, holds 20,000 people and millions of TV viewers in the palm of his hand...........SELLING THE PRODUCT (in a way no one on the current roster can do).........and making all of them $$$ in the process..........and Hornswoggle dumps on him? Is the WWE locker room that immature or just plain drop dead stupid?

This reader is talking about Hornswoggle's comments on Twitter regarding The Rock concert segment from Cleveland a couple of weeks ago. Hornswoggle and Rock have since squashed the beef and you can read about how it all went down in the public eye at this link. As for my thoughts, last month, The Rock said many of the boys don't get the "business" part of the business (link here) and this follows right along with that comment. Hornswoggle's comments reflect the feelings of many workers in WWE who have a certain level of resentment for the way The Rock treats WWE. They don't like it that he's a star outside of the wrestling business and can return whenever he wants to get a guaranteed main event spot, taking it from someone else and cashing in the process. What these workers don't understand is, he draws. If he didn't draw, WWE wouldn't offer him the big payday. My argument is, rather than criticize The Rock, learn from him and try to become a bigger star than The Rock. Now please understand I'm not saying Hornswoggle has the potential to be the next Rock, that's ridiculous, but these comments perfectly highlight the bitterness between your average WWE worker and The Rock. It's so stupid how workers resent anyone that has success outside of the ring and cry foul when they cash in. The Rock has earned this payday and I'm glad he's headlining one of the best Wrestlemania lineups we've seen in years.

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  • Philip Thompson

    I think it's very important that people remember the 'business' side of the business. If you're Vince McMahon and you have to choose between pleasing your most loyal and hardcore fans or pleasing the casual fans who don't watch all of the time – then you have to please the casual fans. The loyal fans are going to watch anyway – so there's nothing to be gained or lost by pleasing them – whereas you want to catch as many of the casual fans as you can, and if you can convert them to loyal fans and pick up even more casual fans then that's great. The same goes for the actual wrestling content and those fans who are keen on technical wrestling matches with great psychology etc – and fans that don't understand wrestling who enjoy the gimmicks – again you have to appeal to the casual fan who might get bored with an hour-long brilliant technical match. The same sort of rule applies to MMA (But, the matches can't be controlled to the same extent) – a casual fan might want to see a brutal knockout or an arm being broken and like short matches whereas a fan who appreciates the art will enjoy a long BJJ battle for position on the ground and the casual fan will think that they're just laying there not doing much and that it's boring – so matchmakers are forced to make matches that'll appeal to casual fans.

    • Nameless one

      You didn’t even mention the opposite point about what will happen when loyal fans eventually get fed up with all the complete waste of time matches and segments that casual fans love that loyal fans don’t. What happens then because as a loyal fan I would stop watching eventually.

  • AJG316

    Tyson Kidd is the most underrated superstar on the roster and he deserves a giant push maybe even as an intercontinental champion

    • Hello Kevin,No comment for now just a dumb qsuteion I hope you don’t mind answering, as you have probably been asked the same qsuteion zillions of times before.Awhile back I Dakethesnake1 replied to one of your tweets commenting on your wrestling career. You replied to my tweet saying-to the effect- that you never knew how to wrestle.I replied to that but you had nothing further to say.Now back to my qsuteion: Are you the only Kevin Sullivan I ever heard of, ex-wrestler or entertainer if you will as Dusty Rhodes would say, that was in the old NWA and WCW and probably everywhere else where wrestling- or sports entertainment, if you will, is or was?I am only asking for myself because tweeting is pretty much the only intertaction I have with othe wrestling fans, except my 91 year old mom.Thanks,Dake

    • I tghhuot I was the only one who heard the Otunga slurp of death. I tghhuot my stomach was rumbling at first.Question: Why did Punk, ADR and Miz all sign the cover sheet of the contract? Never in the history of perfectly legitimate contract-signing-dom (that I recall) has a wrestler not flipped over at least two sheets to sign the bottom one.1+1+1 = 66 2/3

  • Joe O.

    I agree with you almost to the t Richard about the resentment toward The Rock from the talents backstage. They have no reason to complain about it if he’s helping then make money. The one thing I dispute is when you say they should learn from him. I don’t agree that they shouldn’t try, but how can they when Dwayne is so closed off from the rest of the locker room? I’ve heard now that both CM Punk and John Cena have seen him keep to himself. It’s hard to learn anything from him if he’s not willing to open up. If I’m wrong please let me know.

  • ZackPck

    I think it was a bit harsh to say babyface Jericho is dreadful.

  • Chandan

    I will get the heat but I am not fan of The Rock…I am fan of Rey and john (even I am smark)….I respect John because he is baby face for more than 7 years…Babyface means getting lot of physical abuse by Heels in the ring….thats another points….I am not The Rock fan coz I started to watch wrestling from the segment of Rock and Goldberg and while I watch youtube Rock was funny, rock knows how to please the fan but he is not better in-ring worker than Cena (I am sure cena would have better in ring playa in AE)…I cant understand his promo coz I dont understand english (sorry I am from sonjay dutt place)….he is good, he is better even his physic is great but he is not the best….he can be better than Cena but not best….best like SCSA, adam copeland or chris jericho and sure he is not good like Punk….

  • Abe

    Rock shows up, holds 20,000 people and millions of TV viewers

    This statement is so wrong. Rock isn't drawing any more than John Cena or CM Punk. Sure he's gonna equate to more Mania buys, however to say that those people in the seats are there because of the crock is bs. Those people got those tickets months before they knew rock would be there. Also Mania would have sold out with or without the rock like it does every year.

    • Razmos01

      Check stats, Rock draws more than Cena and Punk!

    • Abang Mung Kerep2

      Cena and Punk draws? No offense to Punk but does Cena winning titles draw TV ratings? Cena squashing Nexus draw ratings? Cena hulk-up every week draw ratings? I don't think so. Punk maybe will draw if he is being booked right but people actually grew tired of seeing Cena gets beaten up and against all odds in the end and what makes you think Cena draws? Sure, WrestleMania would have sold out every year but how about other sales or buy-rates such as DVDs? People won't buy it if they knew Cena won all the time but last year's WrestleMania shows huge buy-rates with Rock as the guest host. No, I'm not backing Rock. I'm not a Rock fan neither. But Rock does holds millions in his hands. He's like the maestro with The People as the band.

    • outkazt

      Having the rock at wrestlemania puts more butts on seats and get you more ppv buys. Its simple business.

      • im in a twitter war right now with my rifend who basically refuses to take off his rock shirt. didnt even see the show tonight, but hes in full defense mode saying hes just doing this to put cena over. its not that he only has tranny jokes, he just only uses tranny jokes and thats the brilliance

    • Mike B

      Yeah to say the rock doesn’t sell is a little crazy. He was the reason a bunch of my buds went to raw in Boston a few weeks back… They bought tickets before Shawn was announced to be there too. Not to say 5 or 6 people are the answer, but they work as a good example of casual fans tuning in and buying tickets just to see the rock and the whole attitude era resurgence

  • Reflav

    Abe –"Those people got those tickets months before they knew rock would be there." Not true. EVERYBODY knew Rock would be there last year. Tickets went on sale in Summer (WWE Trip Packages) and Sept. general public. The arena is sold out and mostly because of CENA-ROCK. WHich was the only match announced at time of sale.

    • you know HBK you’ve given alot in the WWE we praise u for that.now you are qntitiug no problem but i think you need to find some one to replace you and join triple H to keep the DX going.my dream is to be part of the WWE.LIONEL.

  • Maxx Stylez

    Thank you Richard for answering my question. As a sidebar question, how do you think the situation with only one GM will affect the draft, seeing as how they would technically have the power to move Superstars between the brands however they wish?

    • John Cena’s dvd is off the chain. It has a lot of cool features that arent that lraley gay. He made his debut in 2002; He then headed to the drawingboard before taking a number 2. He then became more agressive,for he could; Beat the crap out of an gimmick,that was just to not in the hood. He became a freestyler like Eminem; It was crazy,and cool like a 50 cent. Then it was time to meet the champ;Brock Lesnar It made him want to choke on his cool leather. So Brock retained during Backlash, He always looked like an uncool rats a.. Then it came for Steph to get a little hit; She know she liked it better than Triple’s It. So on it was to the legend-Taker; John Cena gave him a new name to the word;hater. Then It was time for a thanksgiving feast; Dawn had gotten her more than a little holiday treat. Now it was time for the Big Show to get dissed; John Cena took his fat a.. to school,and Big Show got an early dismiss. Now that was Cenas hottest dvd; It had Sable grinding between Vince’s knees; Wordlife.

  • PainOfDemise

    Tyson Kidds in ring work is good and he deserves a better spot on the card then what he currently has. Hopefully seeing now D-Bryan is working out, I hope that will pave the way for someone like Kidd to make it higher up in the company.

  • Stoney

    Hornswoggle only serves one purpose in the WWE, and that is Vince's own amusement

  • Stan smith

    Bottom line is its not the Rock drawing the people in ask your self what match would sell more Rock/Cena or Austin/Punk its the idea of seeing an attitude era favorite stepping back in to the ring. The rock is getting too much credit

  • Jaryd

    Although I have a little bit of resentment towards The Rock for leaving, I can say it's what I would have done so I can't be too mad. It's weird though that when there was talk of Floyd Mayweather getting $10million for working WM (whether or not that was true) there wasn't as much resentment for an outside guy coming in for an enormous payday and he not only wasn't a wrestler, he seemed to have no grasp of the business whatsoever from the appearances he made.

  • Hunter

    Tyson Kidd is so good. Seeing people like Khali, Hornswoggle, Mahal, etc. on TV all the time over him makes me sick!

  • kim

    It’s funny how many people are buying into the whole Rock is God thing. They worship him far more than they would under past circumstances simply because he’s got beef with John Cena. His “return” wasn’t for the people – but hey, whatever helps them sleep at night…

    As for the roster who plainly lack enthusiasm at the Rocks “presence”, I can see where they’re coming from. Sure, Rocky’s solidified himself in the WWE and should be able to return at his will, but he’s become so arrogant that he has no mutual respect for most of the roster backstage. He seems to find himself far too important for a lot of them now. That’s Hollywood for ya. The resentment and loathing is, of course, understandable. They’ve worked fruitlessly for years on end in the attempt to fight at Mania, yet all their dreams and hard work has been thwarted by the Rock strutting into the arena after seven long years, and just claiming the main event opening for his own. Of course Vince is thrilled by this, he gave his blessing to the script at once because Rocky’s good for business. However, that does not make it right or just. But it is understandable, so too is the rosters hostility towards him. Though, I’m sure there is much they could learn from The eye brow raising star – Rocky keeps to himself and so is unwilling to mentor the young talent. He likes to make this difficult, more problematic than the simple-minded followers he’s gathered seem to notice. I’ve always liked The Rock, but his attitude now is just killing me. It’s like he’s back in high school – putting other people down just to win the crowd over, acting like he’s the definition of “swag”, and holds the numbers of people in the Palm of his hand; it’s like a social status.

  • Justin

    I totally agree that some internet fans…well…some wrestling fans in general are impossible to please. There are some people out there who watch TNA or WWE just to b**ch about the product and not say anything positive about it.