Tyson Kidd Injury Update, Chris Jericho Shoots on Nicki Minaj

Tyson Kidd wrote the following on Twitter:

Chris Jericho wrote the following on Twitter:

  • Nic Bailey

    Jericho has a point, She lacks any form of talent. What happened to the days of good music? non of this pop/auto-tuned garbage.

    • Pluto

      I disagree too an instinct. I’m a huge hip hop head and don’t really like the direction that radio rap has gone but I’ve heard some of Nikki’s mixtapes before she signed on with Young Money and she can spit. But she choose too the route of pop in order too sell records, and in the process the industry turned her out. And that’s a shame because she really can rap but she allowed herself too get watered down in too sell out for Lil Wayne.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Chris was right. Nikki Minaj got zero talent and zero knowledge about showbiz yet he become one of the judge for American Idol. What was her contribution for the world of entertainment?

    • It is certainly a cold day, but I agree with you for once Rayner. All she has done is put out multiple auto tuned garbage tracks. The producers brought her in as a modern name for a hopeful ratings bump.

  • Nostaljack

    Kidd’s ring work is simply stellar I can’t wait for him to get back and really get his shot. He was starting to when he got injured.

  • Loren Goldstein

    The good news is that generally speaking, whenever a wrestler has to take time off due to injury, they are usually given a decent push when they come back. Look at Ryback. Maybe Kidds injury will end up helping his career.

    • Jimmy

      I hope they bring him back to feud with Cesaro for the US title. Them 2 would make some great matches together.

  • Kenneth

    Chris Jericho Shoots on Nicki Minaj — After reading that headline I’m having nightmares tonight, I think.

  • Joey

    I hope WWE takes notice to how hard Tyson is working. Such a hard worker and I really hope he does get more exposure when he does return. Best of luck to him!

  • YEP true, she uses autotune on her different vocals throughout her songs and cant dance for tofee, seriously have you seen her spaceship video WTF!!. and a person can have a confident attitude to succed, but she simply has one thats pure disrespectful

  • Pluto

    Oh and BTW, American Idol has always been a joke. Since day 1.

  • The Breaker

    I don’t like Nikki Minaj at all, but the people at Idol could have only been thinking one thing when they hired her.. ratings. I’m pretty sure they didn’t really care whether or not she’d be a credible judge.

  • Jimmy

    They just wanted Nicki because they believe her and Mariah Carey arguing will bring in viewers rather than focus on the talent.

  • Stoney

    Nicki Minaj being a judge on American Idol is like Taylor Swift giving relationship advice

  • Stoney

    I hope Tyson Kidd gets a big push, mainly a US/IC title push

  • WNW Fan

    I like some of Nikki’s music but really don’t have any use for her otherwise. She appears to have taken Simon’s place being rude and disrespectful.

  • Khalkaroth

    Why do you think that waste of space is on this show? To get ATTENTION!!

    Jericho and everyone here just give her more by acknowledging her, stop reacting to her.