UFC Fighter Praises Bret Hart After Using His Entrance Music At UFC 149

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Ariel Helwani conducted a post-match interview with MMA fighter Antonio Carvalho, in which he put over Bret Hart and discussed using his entrance music as he entered the arena for his fight at UFC 149. The video is embedded below:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending this in.

  • maze

    Ha UFC guys using wrestling lingo. POP

    • Do ya research!

      You do know Ariel Helwani covers wrestling as well. He's not a "UFC guy." He covers MMA and wrestling. He has tons of interviews with both members of both.

      • Tristeza

        It wasn't Ariel who said it.
        Way to do your own research.

        • This guy ^

          Yes…It was…Try again!