Ultimate Warrior Accused Of Fraud Over Memorabilia Valued At $28,000

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TMZ is reporting that The Ultimate Warrior has been accused of fraud by Christopher Elias, a sports memorabilia dealer. The two men allegedly agreed to a deal in which Elias would pay $28,000 for select memorabilia from Warrior's personal collection, as well as signed merchandise. The article continues in the following excerpt:

"Elias says he paid Warrior nearly $30k for the gear and the autographs... but claims the wrestler went MIA and never sent Elias any of the promised merchandise.

So, Elias filed the fraud report asking the Santa Fe Sheriff to bring criminal charges against Warrior. He also vows to sue the wrestling great if he doesn't get back his money and memorabilia ASAP."

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Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker sending this in.

  • Philip Thompson

    Warrior has always been a scumbag. Remember the Summerslam incident?

    • Jessie Skys

      I agree!

    • Patrick Peralta

      I agree. amazing fans still defend him. if this doesn't prove what a jerk he is then nothing will.

  • ptekin

    And he still goes on about other former wrestlers being scumbags

  • Loki P

    Does anybody see the word ACCUSED ?! It hasn’t been proven yet. IF it’s proved then yes,he’s a major SCUMBAG. Innocent till proven…..

  • Ken

    Considering how vocal Warrior is regarding his life philosophy, I don't see this being inkeeping with his personality. He may be an obnoxious, opinionated pratt at times, but I don't see him as a casual thief. Of course, I could be wrong. Time will tell.

  • Mike

    Reports have it that Elias has all paper work texts emails as well as copied bank checks from when warrior cashed the checks with his signature on back. Warrior needs to be served once and for all thank god

  • _JIM_

    If Elias does indeed have all of that paperwork for proof of this transaction, Mr. Warrior would be shown to be a major hypocrite. It’s hugely hypocritacal for someone to preach all of the stuff he is constantly spouting out only to then commit fraud on a level such as this. He’s definitely in felony territory also. That amount is way above a misdemeanor. Now maybe he will get off his high horse and stop his preaching, but I doubt it. It still gets him way too much attention for him to stop.