Ultimate Warrior - "Because I Don’t Know Anybody [In WWE], I Like Them All"

The New York Daily News interviewed The Ultimate Warrior to discuss his involvement in WWE 2K14. Below is an excerpt:

NEWS: Have you played the video game? What do you think?

WARRIOR: Earlier. They turned it on, and my daughter played it a little bit. I don’t play the video games. Well, I did. I played, but I got my rear end kicked. But I don’t regularly play the games, no.

NEWS: Is there any special significance to seeing yourself in the video game?

WARRIOR: It doesn’t mean to me what you think it does. It doesn’t mean that to me. I can’t look at it and just be like it’s so simple that it’s cool. It makes me think about my life, it makes me think about those times, it makes me think about what kind of human being I was.

NEWS: Do you keep up with the WWE? Any current faves on the roster?

WARRIOR: I know some of the characters, but I don’t watch it. I like all the guys. I guess because I don’t know anybody, I like them all.

You would think maybe I would go for a Ryback guy. He’s impressive. He’s a monster of a guy. I don’t go against him, but I’m indifferent. I know a little about CM Punk, in that he does his own thing. I’m inspired by people who do that in their own life. That they just do their own thing no matter what the consequences are.

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  • sdunne87

    I’m surprised considering how much he loves himself that he hasn’t pre-ordered the game just so he can lock himself in a dark room and play with himself until his pad breaks

    • steve2

      When you come from “Parts Unknown,” all rooms are dark.

  • steve2

    I can’t believe Warrior took enough time off from having Super Posedowns with Rick Rude to father a child!!

  • The_Heckler

    Jimbo needs to get w/ His old TT mate , Steve-O , and Bury The Undertaker , Forever !!!